Sexy trip to the Bahamas…Getting Naughty

07-25-2012: I just got back from a wild and wet trip to the Bahamas on a cruise ship. I had the BEST time ever and some much needed relaxation. The first night we were there we met another swinger couple in the casino. Like I said, I think we both have a swinger stamp on our foreheads, lol. Anyways, we met a sexy ass couple and decided to play a bit in our room. We headed back to our room and waited for them to arrive. He was sexy as hell and so was she, I just love swinging with Justin because the girls always love him and get off hard on his thick big cock. They came in and we had some cocktails all made up for them. We sat on the couch for a while talking and flirting, then the fun began. I went to the bed with Jacob and began to kiss and make out with him, while Justin and Kim did the same on the couch. I couldn’t wait to get his cock out because I could feel how big and hard he was through his pants while we were kissing. He lifted off my top and started to suck on my nipples, sending my pussy into a state of ultimate wetness. He reached down underneath my panties and felt my wet pussy as I grabbed his cock through his pants. I undid his belt and had him lie back on the bed. I proceeded to put the head of his thick cock into my hot mouth. I could hear Kim moaning a bit as Justin was going down on her already. He is the best at it and it turned me on that I knew she was getting off hard…(the rest of the story is in the members area‚Ķ) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae

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  1. Wojt

    As always, You look great. Come on holiday to Polish, I will show you real sex holiday :*

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