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Getting naughty cheating with the handyman…

Hey sexy guys! I’m adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the “Lost Tapes” I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher fixed was talking about buying a new one. Plus he has been frustrating me sexually lately, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the local hardware/appliance shop and find me a handyman 😉 I met this really sexy guy. He has a full sleave of tattoos on one arm, but was super ass sexy and cute. It did cross my mind that maybe he just got out of jail….but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he was cool as hell. I flirted with him and told him the issue I was having with my washer & he offerred to come over to take a look at it. I found out he was married too, so we were going to have to keep this a secret. When he showed up I had the camera all set up and he was taken back by it at first. He thought there was some sort of plot going on or something. I reassured him that nobody would see his face and that his wife would never find out…(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae

New video added to members area….plus new friends on the way!!

Hey guys,

I have so many new updates in the members area for you. Here is a little preview of my latest video:

I met this sexy new guy named Troy and invited him over for one of my live sex shows. I pulled off his pants and toyed with his hard cock through his underwear. Licking and squeezing, driving him nuts. Then I pulled out his thick member and began to suck on his thick rock hard dick. He tasted so damn good! yummy. I decided I wanted to fuck that big dick so I slid a cock ring on him and gave him the two hand twist jack off for a while and then hopped on board for a ride. I rode him reverse cowgirl and came so loud and hard, I was worried that the neighbors could hear me, lol. I pulled his cock out and sucked my pussy juices from his shaft, then I jerked him off in my face and licked up all of his cum. I just love new lovers, they are so eager to please and have suck explosive cock loads for me xxx Desirae