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"I like to get naughty, the dirtier the better!!!" xxx Desirae

Naughty Members Only Show...

I was so happy to do a live members only show today. I got all dressed up and grabbed all of my naughty toys. I chose to use one I call "Big Daddy". It's a pretty thick black cock that stretched my tight litttle pussy oh so good. I just love knowing that you are watching me get off. I imagine that it is your cock that I am fucking...all the while talking nasty to you. Mama's been very naughty in this one! kisses Desirae


My daughters boyfriend...

I have had a huge crush on my daughters 19 year old boyfriend for a little while now. He was on his way to pick her up, so I asked her to run an errand for me so I could seduce him. He was really shy and quiet, but his cock was hard as a rock. I got down on my knees and played with him for a while, talking nasty - getting him nice n hot. Then I took him in my mouth and sucked the cum right out of him. I told him he could call me mommy if he wanted. ;) kisses Desirae


Naughty Masturbation Scenes...

As you are well aware, I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!! I found a bunch of my older classics and decided to put together a compilation for you. I think there are 3 scenes, but it is a pretty long video, almost 25 minutes of jam packed finger bangin, pussy stuffin, dirty talk, & orgasms. This video should be very pleasurable for you to watch if you'd like to just sit back and get off with me nice n slow...(Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae



My Son's Friend is a Virgin...

I was out running some errands yesterday. When I got home I caught my sons friend watching porn in my living room. At first I was a little pissed off, but then I got super horny and just seduced him on the couch. I got down between his legs and exposed his beautiful young man meat. The I teased and licked...until he was begging me to deep throat him. I got so hot and wet, I just had to fuck that young cock.(Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae


Sucking n Fucking the stable boy...

Hi guys! well I have some horse stables on my property and I decided to hire some help. I hired a sexy younger guy to take care of the horses and stables...OMG I am planning on seducing him today for the first time. I have talked to him about what I do & he is totally cool with it, so he agreed to let me film us if anything were to happen. I got all slutty for him. Put on some sexy lingerie and my white silky top and black riding pants and boots. I met him out there and got right to work on him. lol.... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Discreet Bathroom Blowjob & Couples Party...

It is Halloween time once again....I get to dress up in all sorts of naughty costumes and go to a bunch of awesome parties. I was dressed like a naughty little slut for this one. I wore a black bustier with matching pink n black stockings. High heels of course and some tiny little booty shorts. I was heading to a house party with a bunch of other couples. It wasn't a swingers type party, so I was hoping to steal away one of the hot husband's away to a quiet place. I was so horny and just wanted to feel that new dick inside of my mouth or pussy. I found the guy I wanted and waited until he was near the bathroom and grabbed his hand and told him to be quiet. He kept telling me that his wife .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Matt Gets His Noodle Sucked...

Ok guys, so here's the deal. This guy Matt has been trying to sell me life insurance for the longest time. Finally I just called him up and asked him to come over. I wanted to see what my options were. Truth is I don't need life insurance, Justn is out of town and I was horny. I wanted to get my hands on his cock. I heard he had quite the hog under there...I hope his wife Kari doesn't find out...I know I'm not telling. xxx Desirae .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Recorded Live Shows...

So, I LOVE doing live sex shows. Here is a compilation of shows i've done over the past few years. I think you will really get off watching me suck and fuck different men and women in this one! It's all REAL and it will get you off nice n hard baby, just relax and enjoy the show because there are so many videos .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Sneaking off to suck off hubby's best friend...

Mark is one of my hubby's good friends, he also works with him. Anyways, we have always had great chemistry and finally got some alone time together. I couldn't wait to suck him off, however I decided to take my time and really tease him up for that big load of cum at the end. I talked nasty to him and deep throated him for a while, then I switched it up and gave him the "Two hand twist" which is one of my specialties.... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Welcum Home Honey...

My hubby Justn was out of town for a little bit. I was missing him big time! When he got home I was wearing a sexy little outfit with nylons and stockings for him. He spanked me like a naughty little slut. He even spanked my face with his big fat cock, which I totally LOVE! He ripped off my nylons and entered my eager wet pussy. We fucked doggy then .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Security guy! Security guy!...

I have security cameras around my property & they weren't working properly. I had to call the security guy named Daniel to come take a look at them. I was all excited because Justin was out of town and this guy is a super hottie. I think he is in his late twenties or so...not really sure, but I know I wanted to fuck him. I had him come inside & I seduced him in my little short .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Afternoon Delight

We both got really horny this afternoon and decided to put the camera in the bedroom while we fucked. I can't tell you how hard I came, over and over again! wow! I think you'll see and HEAR it ha ha....I definitely wasn't holding anything back that's for sure. I loved the taste of his huge cum load in my mouth. Although as usual it got right in my eye, how do you guys .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Blowjob Facial

It has been a little while, sorry for the delay. I moved and you know how that can go. I am pretty much all settled in now thank god. There were two mover guys and I made a bet with them. I said if you can move me in one day I will give both of you a blowjob lol. They didn't get it done in one day, so I ended up giving the younger one a blowjob. I was really excited .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Young Maid

I woke up a little late and was in need of some towels. I was also super HORNY! I called the maid service that I like and had them send Claire up to give me some fresh towels. When she arrived, she was wearing a sexy little maid outfit with black and white stockings. She looked amazing, .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Happy Birthday Honey!!

It was my hubby's birthday a few days before and I didn't get him anything too special. I decided to bring him an extra special birthday gift of a naughty 3some with a younger woman. Logan is a super hot babe that I met at the pool a few days earlier. We had played around a little bit so I thought of just asking .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dean Mother Needs To Discipline

I called Logan into my office to talk about her bad grades. Being the Dean Mother isn't an easy job you see, I have to apply lots and lots of discipline. She had some lame excuse for her bad grades, so I told her that IF she didn't do what I wanted that I would be forced to tell on her. .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Couple Fucks Teen

We were so excited to play with Claire. A naughty 3some was what we had in mind and that is EXACTLY what we got! She was such a horny little slut and I was getting off on watching her sucking my husband's cock. I sat on her face and she ate my pussy so incredible while he fucked her tight pussy. We finished with a blowjob .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Girl Girl Bathtime

I met Logan down by the pool and we really hit it off. She is a sexy and sweet 18 year old hottie who was wearing a really cute bikini. We lounged and chatted for a long time and then I just went for it and decided to invite her up to my room for a little after pool party. We were both a little hot.... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dean Mother Uses Strap-On w Teen

I caught Claire giving her boyfriend a blowjob in the bathroom and had to punish her. I knew that if I threatened to tell her father what she had done - she would do whatever I wanted her to do. My plan worked out perfectly! I asked her if she liked sucking cock and pulled out my strap-on for her. .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Recorded Live Sex Show

This is a recorded live show I did with my hubby. I hope you enjoy it...I came like 5 times. Love getting you off baby!... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

New Member BlowJob

A new member of my site was the lucky recipient of a blowjob. I loved his cock and the way that he tasted. I kept telling him how much I wanted his cum. I jerked him off and sucked him until he blew his wad all over the place. I licked up every drop and even blew a few cum bubbles.. .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

New Member Creampie

This is a recorded live show we did. I sucked on his nice thick cock and then put my head off the edge of the bed and let him face fuck me. After that we kissed and he used a big black dildo on me. We finished by fucking and he gave me a nice thick creampie. .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Jessie from Swingers Site

I've been waiting quite a while to meet up with Jessie. I met him on a lifestyle swingers site and we have been chatting and sending eachother pictures and such. I finally talked with him on the phone the other day and we felt a lot of chemistry. He came over the other day for a shoot. I wore some sexy lingerie .... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Finally Fucking Bradley

I was really excited to finally meet Brad. We've been corresponding via email and skype for a while now. He came into town and I knew it was going to be HOT! I had been looking at pictures of his cock all day and was super horny and ready for him to arrive. I wore some sexy lingerie for him with pantyhose. We had a great afternoon of sex.... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Live Creampie with Member

This is a recorded live show. I wore some sexy lingerie underneath a red dress with nylons and stockings on. I played with his hard cock while he rubbed my pussy and kissed me. Then he ripped a hole in my pantyhose and spanked my eager wet pussy..... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Tampa Couple

I was all ready to meet this HOT couple we had been talking to online for a while. We decided to meet up in Tampa. Thing is, only the husband showed up. At first I was pissed off, but he was so damn cute that I just had to suck his cock... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

My Son's Friend Eddie

My son's friend Eddie stopped by to visit him. Too bad he was at the gym ;) I decided to invite Eddie in to stay and visit with me for a while. I had been doing some cleaning upstairs, but had slipped on some sexy lingerie underneath like always. I seduced him in the living room and sucked him off on the ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Nick Returns for Another Round

A while back I hooked up with a guy named Nick. He was having trouble with his pregnant girlfriend, she was driving him nuts. He really needed to get off hard, so I made sure to take excellent care of him. Well, after the baby arrived, things got even... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

My Son's Friend Bobby

My son's good friend Bobby came to visit us again. The first time I had sex with him, he walked in on me masturbating and I seduced him. This time I invited him over to help me move some things around the new house. When he showed up I was all dressed up in a sexy blue dress with high heels and lingerie ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Justn's friend Blowjob Fuck

Justn had to go out of town on business and I was really bummed. We have sex EVERY night and I am always horny….sooo…he suprised me with one of his buddies that he knows from his softball team. I was excited and nervous all at once. ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dirty Gloryhole Excursion

I put up an ad on craigslist for two guys to show up at my house under casual encounters. I wanted to do a glory hole, i've been wanting to do one for a really long time. They showed up and it was like two strangers walking in because I had only seen pictures of their cocks. They got behind the glory hole ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Seducing the bellboy

Recently we went on a little trip to Tampa. We were at a casino/hotel and Justn felt like gambling a bit. I decided to stay in the room. You see I had slipped my number to the sexy bellboy that helped us with our bags to the room. I put on some sexy lingerie and a sexy black dress and got the camera out. ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Pounding Her Teen Pussy

In this naughty lesbian video, I play around with 19 yr old Amy. We had so much fun kissing and I loved sucking on her young tits. I put on a strap on and pulled off her pink panties. Then I slipped my big dildo into her eager little pussy. I fucked her ... (Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

My Girlfriends Hubby- Secret Meeting

I needed some fans installed recently. Justin has been travelling a lot and didn't have time to get them finished, so I was getting so pissed off. I finally just asked one of my girlfriends husbands to come over and install them. I was also feeling VERY horny!! So, before he arrived I slipped into some sexy lingerie…I wanted to suck his cock so badly!! He arrived and I didn't wait or waste any time. I went right to getting him naked and sucking his cock. MMMM…..I just loved how he fucked me doggy style! I came so hard for him….more than once - whew!! Lovin my life! ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Sailor Gets Quickie Blowjob

I was planning on doing a solo video due to Justin being out of town…so I asked my best girlfriend if her hubby could do the camera work. She agreed, they could use the extra cash. I started the video and was using a big black dildo. I was getting off really hard when I noticed that his cock was rock hard in his pants. You know me, I can't resist a hard cock ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Bar Pickup Suck n Fuck

I went out with some girlfriends to a local pub the other night. We were drinking apple martinis and having a great time. A group of guys came over and started to flirt with us. I picked out one of them that I knew I wanted to bring home for a little naughty fucking action. He was wearing this sexy grey shirt and had the sexiest ass ever. I invited him home after the girls left and we headed back to my place. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Fucking My Boss

I needed to make some extra cash recently, so I got a job as a bookkeeper. I found one at a local construction company. My boss was really cute and we hit it off right away. His name is Rick & I really wanted to bring him home. After analyzing his books, I just went ahead and flirted with him and invited him back to my place for lunch. Hubby was out of town, so I knew we would have the whole house to ourselves.. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

New Zealand Lover Comes to Town

It has been a while since I've met up with my New Zealand lover. I didn't think he would be making it back this way for a while. He arrived at my house and I offered him a drink, but what he really wanted was my hot mouth wrapped around his stiff cock. He bent me over the stove and fucked me nice and deep ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Son's Friend blowjob

My son's friend Lars came by to visit him while he was away. I invited him in to wait for him and suprised him. You see I was watching a porno in the living room and when he came in he saw it. He was a little shy at first, but after I went and changed into some sexy lingerie for him - he quickly warmed up. He started touching my ass and feeling my titties. I got down on my knees and sucked his rock hard cock...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Messy Creampie for ME!

This is a long video of me sucking and fucking and then getting creampied at the end. I just loved kissing him and having his hands all over my body. I sucked on his thick cock and couldn't get enough of him. He fucked me so nice and deep from behind and then shot his hot load deep into my pussy.mmmm ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Cheating Wife

I found this tape in a box in the closet. It was a video I made while I was still married to Eric. I went on a date like a naughty cheating wife should, and I set up the camera by the front door. When we got there, we barely made it through the front door before grabbing each other passionately. I loved feeling his hard cock through his jeans. We made our way over to my couch and proceeded to make-out even more...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Fucking Joseph

I had a little car trouble and this nice young man helped me out. I talked him into coming home with me for a little "tip" so to speak. I loved his nice hard cock and he tasted so incredible. I can't wait to fuck this one!!! For Sure!...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Fucking a Member

I was really excited to fuck this member of my site. I met up with him and his wife at their house for a wild night of hot passionate dirty sex. She filmed me while I sucked her husband off and talked dirty to him, and then he fucked the shit out of me and left me breathless...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Showertime Masturbation

Hey guys! well I decided to take the camera into the shower with me for a quick little video. I hope you enjoy being a voyeur and watching me get off in the shower...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Desirae and Paige

This is a very naughty movie. We invited over a swinger couple to play. The girls played first of course, and oh boy did we ever! She made me cum like crazy! I went down on her and made her cum as well. Then we used a double dildo and bounced our asses together while sucking on our husband's cocks. They finished us off doggy style and it was so fucking...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dirty Double Blowjob

Ashley's husband Jack has always wanted a double blowjob, so she invited me over to fulfill his naughty fantasy. We both made out for a bit and then got down on our knees and crawled over to him. We unzipped his pants and took turns sucking on his nice cock. We licked and sucked and even gave him a double titty fuck. Then she jerked him off in my face and she licked it all of as we kissed. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Blowjob in Bathroom at Party

We were at a party and decided to sneak off into the bathroom for a quickie. He ended up fucking me on the bathroom sink, so damn HOT! He also ate my pussy and made me cum so hard. I just love quickies, especially when they we have to hide. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Anal Fuck

I really enjoy anal sex, although it takes me a little to ease into it. I have a TIGHT ass! I love cumming over and over again from anal sex. In this video I get fucked hard and get an anal creampie. Hope you enjoy !. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Strap on Fucking with my girlfriend

Oh boy was I ever in for a treat with Mariah. Her pussy tasted so sweet and I loved the way she fucked me with the strap-on. This is part 1 - I have another video with her where I fuck her with the strap on. I hope you enjoy watching me with another woman. I know I love it. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dominatrix Desirae

I found this hot fetish video I made before my last cam show & thought I would post it tonight. I wore black shiny latex from head to toe. My boots were stilettos with a silver spike heel. I also wore some fencenet stockings and pulled my hair back in a pony tail. I had Vince come over and I tied him to a chair and ball gagged him. I wrapped a black studded strap around his cock and balls ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Dirty Little Girlscout

I was doing a live show and decided to dress up a a naughty girl scout. Wanna buy some cookies baby? I had one of my lovers over and we made out on the couch. Then he ate my pussy and I rode his big hard cock….then took his cum in my face....Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Cum Eating Video

I was doing a naughty live show the other day and decided to invite one of my favorite lovers over for a nasty blowjob. I got all warmed up for him before he arrivedd. I got out some dildos and vibrators and played with my pussy. By the time he arrived I was ready to devour that big dick. I really worked him over and this was shot pov style. I took all of his cum in my mouth, well some of it sprayed in my hair and on my chest....Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

The Big Dick Project w Jacob

I was doing a live show and invited over Jacob to be my stunt cock for the night. :) ~ xxx I was dressed up as a referee due to football night. Seems I've been watching a lot of football lately. I'm actually enjoying it, it is relaxing i a strange way to me. Anyways, I was having some drinks and ended up kicking over the drink on the floor. I had to restart the camera and that is when I started filming this video. Jacob held the camera....Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Pantyhose Fuck Session

I got in touch with my old boyfriend from highschool a litte while back. We lost touch after he went in the Navy…anyways, we are back in touch now and I invited him over today for a "date" lol. It was a bit of a shock to him that I had a site, but he said it kind of made sense since when we were in High School I was a horn dog...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Taking His New Cum Deep in My Pussy

My car needed to be fixed due to a minor car accident . The service tech was super sweet and sexy, so I turned on the charm and we exchanged numbers. I took the opportunity while hubby was away to hook up with him. We were texting a lot and really getting excited to fuck. He came over while hubby was away I got busy and had a great time taking that new cum...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Naughty Fetish Sex with Blair

It has been a little while since i've met up with one of my favorite lovers named Blair. You see his wife used to be a friend of mine, and she liked to sit on the couch and tell my ex husband all about how she was into bondage and loved fetish. I guess I never realized what a dirty slut she really was, a girl after my own heart. Anyways, I decided to invite Blair over for some afternoon nasty fetish sucking and fucking. ...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

He Came to Me For Help...

It was Xmas time and I needed to earn a little extra cash to pay for bills. I decided put my degree in Fuckology to work for me. My clients name is Nick and he is having erection problems. His girlfriend is pregnant and they are having some rough times due to her being a "Bitch with Cankles" as he put it. I got him comfortable and decided to put on some hardcore porn for him to see his reaction. Then I decided to get a little more...Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Shaving My Pussy for You

I put up a poll to see if I should shave my pussy & it won, so here it is boys! I shaved my pussy and then made sweet love to myself in the shower. I was so fucking horny, my fingers were pressed deep into my ass and pussy as I came loudly..Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Horny as Hell & Ready to Cum

I was feeling so very horny this afternoon. I decided to grab one of my favorite toys and get off with you. I hope that you cum for me so I can lick up every single drop. enjoy the movie! ..Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae

Fucking a Member- Faces & Names Hidden to Protect The Innocent

The names & faces have been changed to protect the innocent...I have been corresponding with this member for years now. He is married so his name and face have been protected. However, we did have an incredible suck and fuck session in my bed the other night. I just loved that his cock was so much bigger and thicker and my ex-husbands'. I stroked him and sucked him off and then rode his did until I..Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae



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