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My name is Desirae, I am a really down to earth milf who loves having her own personal adult website.

I have always been very wild and I really get into turning someone on, male or female. When I was with my husband I became very open to sharing our sexuality with others. He loved to watch me get off for different men and women. :) So, we did a lot of swinging & went to nudist resorts parties etc.

Before all of this, I used to work in accounting. I don't think my co-workers ever thought I would have an adult website. lol I was pretty reserved at my day job. I entered an amateur stripping contest one night out of curiousity & I WON! I was so happy, it was such an exciting moment. I also had the opportunity to do some lap dances that night, afterwards I ended up rushing home to rip off my boyfriends pants to fuck his brains out. I was so excited about my sexy experience that I started to post my pics on the internet & I absolutely loved the responses I got. It was addicting!

I was having so much fun chatting and sharing my sexuality online that I decided to start building this site. Now I am fucking all the time, running around naked outdoors, and filming all aspects of my sexy life. Pretty fun huh?? You will get to know me quite well once you read some of my dirty diary or blog entries. I also love to chat with you live on my personal private cam. There are so many great sexual stories to tell...I really don't know where to begin.

I usually have 3 orgasms on average per movie. I have hit 4 in a sesssion but rarely reach 5. (I know, I know....I am working on it) You will want to turn down your speakers, I am a total screamer! I am known for my great ass and dirty talk....and also my long legs. I love wearing stockings and thigh highs a lot. Wearing high heels during sex turns me on. My favorite sexual position is doggy style. I love anal sex, and I do it frequently =)

I want to show you all of my naughty movies and pictures inside. I keep it very real, I do not airbrush my pictures or have them taken in a studio.

Height: I am 5'8 (all legs!!)
Weight: I weigh 142 lbs
Measurements: 36c-26-41
Zodiac: I am a Pisces
Nationality: I am French, indian, and a few others (mut basically, lol)
Hair color: I am naturally a brunette, but been known to be a bleach blonde :)
I am a bit bi sexual, but I prefer men. I love to watch my partner/boyfriend go down on a girl while I play with her tits.
My favorite food: is Japanese
Music: I love 80's or 90's R & B, You name it I listen to all types of music! I am also a HUGE movie fan, seen SOOOOO many movies, what's your favorite??
Working out: I do a ton of yoga, treadmill.... Then I lift weights. I don't really have to watch what I eat all that much. I am just lucky that way. :) xxx Desirae

I enjoy learning web design, riding quads, going horse back riding, running/jogging on the beach, going out to dinner, going dancing (especially if there is another girl there to dance with), I like swimming naked at night when the stars are out. I like convincing my girlfriends to take off all of their clothes and get is always fun when other people relax with me.

I like to paint, & I love animals. I am mostly an outdoors type person, except when I am inside posting pictures and movies on my website. I totally love a physical challenge, and at the same time love to just chill out at home and watch some tv. (I really like watching

movies that make you think, love Inception, Matrix, Pulp Fiction (any Quinten Tarantino film) I also love Woody Allen movies, Larry David anything he does, Louis K, Joe Rogan, UFC fights, the Hulk, Batman~love sci fi- dramas, comedies, romantic movies, documentaries....I watch a lot of shit lol.

Still curious? Want more details? There is always more inside. ;)


kacey kox, sweet kacey


ashley edmonds



kacey kox, sweet kacey


ashley edmonds



kacey kox, sweet kacey


ashley edmonds



Madison Monroe

Sara Stone



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