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10-29-19: Goodmorning! I've been loading new content to my members area. It's taking a bit to load everything, ugh. My internet isn't so good where I'm at right now.


09-29-15: Hi there sexy! Well, I just loaded up my latest naughty video. Here is the storyline:

I placed an ad on the personals section of Craigslist recently. I wanted to try giving a random guy a blowjob in a public place. I got quite a few responses, but decided on one guy named Brad. He seemed really cool and I liked his pics. Anyways, my hubby has been away on business quite a bit and I get a craving for cum quite frequently as you know. I called him on the way to the park and we decided where to meet up. It was a somewhat secluded place, but in a public park. I was so excited to see his nice thick cock & I sucked him off for quite a long time. I think you will enjoy the length of the video...he ended up cumming all over my face and in my hair. I licked it up and then played with it a bit...I do love that new strange cum! kisses baby! xxx Desirae

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Other than that sexy video- I added some new Pictures and Camgrabs too.


09-14-14: Hi all! I wanted to stop in and say a quick hello. I have some new youtube videos up now. They are on sex advice and opinions etc. I hope you like them. Also check out clubdesirae.com I post videos there as well. Kisses Desirae Spencer

Here is a video of me breaking in down to a song I like:


09-05-14: Here is a quickie little video I made just to shake my ass to a song I like! xxx Desirae

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05-07-14: I Wanted to fuck my ass!

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Please Fuck My Ass Baby...

I was feeling really horny, so I decided to take a bath. I took one of my favorite ass plugs in with me because I knew I was going to get naughty and masturbate. As I am stuffing my little ass with this toy I am begging for you to fuck my ass. This is all about anal play.

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05-05-14: I Was Craving a New Cock in My Pussy...

Lately i've been on the prowl for a new single guy to fuck. I met a guy through a local swingers ad. His name is Andy, he is 39 years old and is very well endowed. I was really excited when I saw his pictures so I pursued him further.

We started out by just chatting back and forth online, then one night we decided to have phone sex. Hubby got to listen in to our conversation and he really enjoyed it. My husband loves when I am with other men, just the thought of it drives him wild.

After a few weeks of phone sex and online chatting, I couldn't take it anymore. It was time to meet and time to fuck! I invited him over and he agreed to let hubby film us while we were having sex.

I wore a sexy little outfit for Andy, some chaps and a hot little top. I just love getting dressed up for sex, it is such a turn on. It didn't take long before I had his nice hard cock in my mouth, slurping and sucking away, all the while talking dirty to my husband.

He fucked me from behind first, which is my very favorite position. He drilled me so good and hard, I knew I was going to come hard and fast. I was screaming and cumming to my husband as he drilled me oh so good.

We fucked in a few different positions, me on top for a while riding him and he gave me some good hard spankings. My ass was nice and red, hehe. Then I got on my back and got ready for his cum. He fucked me deeply and pulled out to bring his hard shaft up to my face so that I could taste him. His cum load shot right into my mouth, oh so yummy. I am going to have to invite him over again sometime for sure. xxx Desirae


05-03-14: Here is a little sample video for you to enjoy. Today I am very busy. I had to hit the gym early, then run errands....plus I was meeting a new guy for lunch. ;) I wore a short mini skirt without panties for this one. I let him feel my freshly shaved pussy...mmmmm...we had such a great time. I can't wait to show you! xxx Desirae


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I let him fuck another woman

It isn't all that often that we go out dancing, but tonight last night we ended up at a local club with a few of our friends. Me and the girls were out dancing and this sexy guy kept bumping up against me. As the night went on the bumping turned into grinding and eventually he was back at our table with us chatting.

I ended up telling him about my website and how I would love for him to come home with me sometime and let me suck his cock and give him a titty job. =) This movie is about me taking a new mans cock in front of my husband.

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05-01-14: Well it's been a busy month already!! Geez! I shot with two new hot young teen girls and Justn recently. It was super HOT! We always get off so hard together this way! Here is a little preview of a big load of cum for me! Click on the image for a FREE preview video!


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04-26-14: Well Hello there sexy! Hope you are having a great day today! Hubby snapped some pictures of me wearing some lingerie I bought for one of my lovers. I felt so naughty posing in lingerie for him, I always pretend I can see you watching me while I bend over and strip down. I am adding a new video tonight, I hope you enjoy it, little hint though- TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS if you aren't alone. lol

xxx Desirae

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04-12-14: I added a HOT new story to my sexy forum. I hope you enjoy it baby! Here is a little preview:

My Pussy Probing Fingers

by Desirae » Wed Apr 28, 2014 2:24 pm

I love to slide my hand down my pants while I am driving sometimes. It feels so good to pull up next to somebody, knowing that my fingers are touching my pussy & they have no idea. Sometimes I like to leave my hand in there when a trucker pulls up next to me, so he can sorta see what I am doing.
My pussy gets wet as I am driving, and my fingers slip easily around my lips...and inside of my pussy hole. I like to feel all around my hole....tracing it with my finger as I press the palm of my hand against my clit. Then I like to slowly poke just the very rim of my pussy hole....this gets me so excited. It makes me crave a big hard cock so badly. I then have to finger my clit gently....in little circles, underneath my panties with my legs spread slightly.....Holding the wheel with one hand as I pleasure myself on the highway.

I am getting off on having my panties pulled to the side, my pussy lips are throbbing and swollen by now. I am in desperate need of a firm cock to wrap myself around...I want so bad to feel even the head bobbing in and out of my wet pussy.....I start to fantasize as I am driving, teasing my little clit gently then roughly- gently then roughly, in small circles then back and forth.
Sometimes I get so wet I can hear it, the juices from my pussy sliding against my fingertips and I love it.

I want to just pull over and fuck the first guy I see. As cars pass I stare at the men - craving their advances. I am close to cumming now, and this is when my fantasies turn into something somewhat rough. I start to think of that guy I just passed up in the volvo- pulling me over, and ravaging me. I envision him tearing off my skirt, exposing my swollen wet pussy & thrusting his hard cock inside of me. His cock feels so good, and with each thrust he takes me harder and harder! He grabs my hair, as he has me sprawled over the side of his car on the side of the road- telling me that I am his little bitch, that he is going to fuck me just like a little whore. Every time he speaks I am clinching tighter around his cock, I am cumming.....my body shaking and convulsing ....he can tell...and tells me to take it, that he isn't finished with me yet...
He then slides his wet cock head into my asshole....it hurts at first.
The pressure of his cock is incredible, my body feels almost limp to the pain and pleasure. When he is fully inside of me, inside of my ass.....( Read the rest of my story- click here - Join Now)


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04-07-14: I just added a HOT new nasty dirty talking blowjob video. I really hope you enjoy this. I did it POV style so you can just kick back and enjoy 25 minutes of pure nasty dirty talk while I blow you. ;) Here are some screen grabs.

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04-05-14: I am so glad it is Saturday! Yay! I am about to head out to the mall to buy some silky lace panties for my new lover. I met him online, he was actually a member of my site a while back and we got back in touch. Also, I am loading a new HOT dirty talking nasty video for you today. It is a long one too, so get ready to masturbate for a long time and feel like you are right there with me. It is up close and personal and I don't hold anything back. I don't think i've ever talked this nasty and dirty for that long before lol....which is saying a lot considering I LOVE to talk dirty and look into your eyes, imagining it is your cock in my hand and mouth while I suck cock. It is getting close to shooting with some more hot teen babes. We are really looking forward to it. I love sweet young pussy just like my hubby does, so that works out well. Thanks going out to Randy for the gifts. I really love the shoes and the bustier sweetie. I will wear them in my next update. Super sexy stuff! Well, I better get going, I am sure the mall is going to be a madhouse today.

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3-31-14: Monday morning! bla bla Well Hello there sweetie! Hope you had a nice weekend and Monday morning is treating you well. I am working on adding a new video to the site today. I made a bet with the movers, they said they could get it done in one day. I said if you can get it done in one day I will give you both a blowjob. lol. you will have to see what happens- stay tuned for a massively hot and sexy dirty talking blowjob that you will never forget! I just love that new young cum in my face and mouth...mmmmm... xxx Desirae Be sure to check out my last update of me and Claire. What a sweetheart! xxx Desirae

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The After Party- Cheating on My Husband

by Desirae » Tues Mar 18, 2014 4:00 pm

A few weeks ago I went out with my girlfriend Kim. We went to this lesbian bar on the east end of town, had a few drinks and then decided it was a dead night there and went looking for fun elsewhere. We drove all over town, stopping at a few clubs, but not finding a real party. Then we ended up at this one cowboy type bar. It was really happening in there, lots of girls dancing around and tons of men standing at the bar. I was excited to be out. I wore a really tight grey sparkly type top, with some extra tight blue jeans. Kim was wearing a low cut top and some jeans as well. We found a table and sat down to order some drinks. The music was great, it felt so refreshing ot be out on the town alone. I love to appear as though I am single sometimes, it is exciting.

It didn't take too long before a few guys came over to our table and flirted with us. Kim was getting pretty ripped at this point, she was taking tequila shooters, I was trying to remain pretty sober. I knew I would be the one driving us home at the end of the night. One guy just sat down and started eating peanuts, he was totally drunk. To get him to leave me and Kim told him that we were on a date and we started kissing. He looked sorta puzzled and didn't leave, we had to actually tell him that we wanted to finish up with our date and could he please leave.

We sat there just laughing and talking for a while. Then all of a sudden a really cute guy came up and asked me if he could take my picture with his buddy. He said I looked really familiar. I asked him, "Do you know who I am?" He answered, "Yes, you look VERY familiar". I was really flattered and couldn't wait to take the photo with his friend. Both of the guys were really cute, so we invited them to sit at our table for a little bit. They sat with us for a while and then kept asking if they were intruding, we just laughed and said, "No, it is fine" but they must have been shy because they got up and left after a little while, he kept thanking me for the photo and then they went to the other end of the bar. I wish they would've stayed. I really wanted to get a hotel and just fuck them both senseless.

Not too long after they left I spotted a guy across the bar dancing with a woman. I could've sworn he looked over at me as he was dancing. I was really attracted to him and thought, "No, he is just looking around..." I thought maybe that woman was his wife or girlfriend. A little time passed and then he was standing at our table. I got a rush really quick of excitement and panic...I was totally happy that he had come over. He was wearing business attire, and had sandy blonde hair....looked like it was receeding a little bit. I thought he was totally sexy. He had a friend with him, who sat next to Kim. He introduced himself as Derek, and I introduced myself as well. I asked him why he was all dressed up and he told me that there was a veternarian convention in town and that he was in on business. He said most of the guys in this bar are vets. I told him I thought that was cool, I wanted to scoot a little closer to him on the chair.

He asked me if I wanted to dance, but I refused. I am not much for country dancing. He kept asking over and over again, and I kept refusing. I just didn't want to dance, lol. So, I told him to go dance with my friend Kim, which he did. I was a little shocked that Kim went to dance with him, she is married. Not that it is a big deal, I just didn't think that her hubby would want her dancing with another man at a bar. I thought it was kinda cool. They came back and he sat a little closer to me. Kim whispered in my ear that she got us invited to an after hours party at the hilton or some hotel in the area. I can't remember what hotel it was at this moment. Anyways, I said, "What do you mean an after hours party?" She said, "It will just be me and you...just me and you..." She was sorta drunk at the moment so I couldn't really get what she was saying. She said that Derek had invited us to a party back at their hotel....(Finish reading how naughty this story gets inside...Join Now! xxx Desirae)

Mr. Clock Watcher

by Desirae » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:23 am

I have different names for every guy that I have ever dated or slept with. The name usually refers to their sexual abilities or lack there of. So, I am going to tell you about Mr. Clock Watcher. His real name was, "is" Mike. I am really not sure whatever happenned to him, but I was once very in love with him or so I thought. I met him in a bar with my best friend June. We were partying and drinking, and wearing almost nothing. When we went out we REALLY went out, we got all dressed
up, taking hours picking out just the right slutty little outfit. I wore a skin tight black clingy dress & she wore a tight red short clingy dress with fishnets. June loved to wear stockings, she was incredibly sexy. She had tan skin, long curly thick beautiful black hair & tits to die for. At that time my tits were small and perky, I remember asking her if I could just have a feel....she said, "You want to feel me up??" lol. They were incredible Anyways, this story isn't about June's incredible tits. This is a story about

Mike- or Mr. Clock Watcher.

I will never forget when I saw him standing by the end of the bar. I
saw this twinkle in his eye, I know it sounds so korny, but at the time
I really saw something so incredible sexy about his eyes and the way
he was looking at me. He had style, thick black sorta curly short hair.
He was white, but looked a little italian..dressed in a white shirt and
blue jeans...June saw him looking as well. We had a way of teasing men
back then, so we started in right away. We acted as if he didn't exsist,
we just smiled and laughed and acted like we were having a great time.
In no time there he was standing right in front of us with his friend, smiling
at me like he had something up his sleeve. He had such a sexy look to
him, it was a confidence that at that time a girl could not deny.

He asked me if I wanted to dance. I said yes, and from there we started
dating. Actually, I don't even think you could call it "dating" since
we lived so far apart. It was more of a sexual thing, yes it was definitely
not dating. He made me so incredible hot it was unreal. He would kiss
me and my panties would get soaked, I got so horny that I just couldn't
resist him. I remember once he picked me up and we drove to the top of this
hill where nobody could see us. I climbed on top of him, straddling his hard
cock...I could feel his hard on through his pants and it drove me crazy!
we kissed like that for some time. With every kiss I just wanted to fuck
him even more. We decided to go for it. I slid off of him and pulled down
my white jeans, and then my soaked panties. I through them to the floor and
mounted him. He had pulled his pants down around his ankles.

Feeling his hot cock sliding into my wet pussy as we kissed was unbeatable.
We were breathing so hard that we totally fogged up the windows of his truck.
Then out of no where he says, "Get on your back, I want to do something to you."
I got down on my back and slid down towards the passenger side door.
He took my knees and pressed the to the side and started to go down on
me. I told him, "Mike, wait....I don't usually cum this way" He said,
" What time is is?" I looked at him like he was crazy and said, "Why?"
He said, "Look at the clock and tell me what time it is. I told him
it was 10:oo o'clock, and he said, "At 10:10 you are going to cum."
The way his said this with such confidence was so damn sexy. I didn't
believe him, I really hadn't found a guy to be able to satisfy me at
that point in time. I just didn't think he could do it, my mind
was just racing...I guess you could say I was not relaxed...but then
I just focused on his hot toungue. Oh my, that is very, VERY nice.
As he slowly licked my clit, I felt his fingers making their way into
my pussy. He said, "At 10:10 you are goint to cum with a smile. Oh man
did he ever have me, I was so whipped.lol.

It was nearing 10:10, he had me worked up into a total and complete frothing
frenzy. I was beside myself with pleaure, my pussy was so completely
wet that there was almost a puddle underneath me. I was writhing
around, bucking my hips, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him
in...I felt myself letting go. I was going to cum, I felt so incredible.
My pussy felt so good that I started to moan loudly, he grinned up at
me and fingered me... (Cum inside and finish reading the entire story- Click Here to Join Now!) xxx Desirae


Fucking 21 Year old Chad

by Desirae » Mon Feb 17th, 2014 1:22 pm

For a long time my husband has wanted me to be with this 21 yr old guy named Chad. We have talked on the computer quite a bit and even done the web cam thing a few times. Finally, hubby agreed to let me go over to his house for a little fun and romance. I was really excited because I have seen pictures of Chad's cock and I must say it is quite large and appealing. I am glad he sent over naughty pictures like that because I love knowing what a guys' cock looks like before I meet him. We set a date and I could barely wait! I took forever trying to pick out what I was going to wear. I decided on a very short black mini dress with a low cut back & high heels. I took a nice hot shower, shaving just right.....preparing myself for Chad. After my shower, I rubbed sweet smelling lotion all over my body and put on some of my favorite perfume. I put the perfume between my tits and on my wrists. I was hoping he would soon be touching my breasts.

I drove over to his house and became a little nervous. I was nervous out of excitement mostly. I always get nervous a bit when I am going to meet a new guy for sex, that is half the fun of it. I arrived at his house around 8ish....and we decided to go have some appetizers at a local club & possibly a few drinks. He looked so handsome when he answered the door. He was wearing a nice shirt and jeans....I love that, oh and I forgot to mention his cologne drove me wild! We held hands and walked to the car. I thought that was really sweet.

On the drive over there I just couldn't help myself, I had to lean across the car and just smell his neck......then I kissed it softly. I told him, "This is going to be fun, but I just can't wait til we get to go back to your place." At that, the car abrupty stopped and we did a uturn back to his place. I was just so damn horny and didn't want to waste any time, lol. I guess I am a little slut at heart and get so eager when I know I am going to have a new cock inside of me.

We arrived back at his place and went inside. He had the room lit very nicely, not too bright....but enough to still see very well. I love a nicely lit room it just enhances the mood for me. We sat down on the couch and he asked me if I would like anything to drink. He said he only had beer, so beer it was. I guess when you are 21 you don't have a very extensive wine collection. I was drinking my beer and we chatted for a while. He asked me about some of my interests and what I liked to do. We were getting along really well and the sparks were flying between us. Our eyes were connecting and each time they did I felt my panties getting moist. I was getting tingly sensations in my clit just sitting there talking with him.

I decided it was time to set my beer aside and go in for a little action. I leaned over and kissed him softly. Then all of a sudden we just started going crazy on eachother. We were kissing so deeply and frantically, it was intense. My panties were now officially soaked to perfection. I wanted him to feel how wet I was so I took his hand and placed it under my dress and up my warm soft thigh. He made a groaning sound and started kissing me even harder and leaned in closer and tighter to me.

We made our way into his bedroom. The bed was neatly made and ready for a little messing up. We both practically jumped onto the bed, but not violently or anything. We just sort of fit together, our bodies tangled together, legs wrapped around eachother. He pulled my dress up and over my head and started to kiss down my neck and breasts. I was breathing very heavy almost panting from excitement and pleasure. He took his time sucking on my tits and told me how wonderful my perfume smelled. He flicked my hard pink nipples with his soft toungue and all the little bumps on my nipples were standing in attention. I couldn't have been more turned on.

He kissed his way down my belly towards my moist and eager pussy... (Cum inside and finish reading the entire story- Click Here to Join Now!) xxx Desirae

Calvin & our trip to San Francisco

by Desirae » Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:21 am

I met Calvin the summer that my good friend Becky and I drove to San Francisco. We had planned the trip for months and were really excited about driving my vw bug all the way to San Francisco. We both saved enough to get a hotel for 2 weeks. I was a little nervous because Becky was really wild. She would sometimes lead me down the wrong path as far as guys, drinking, even drugs are concerned. I didn’t always go along with her, but she always seemed to be trying to persuade me into joining her in a lot of risky type fun. I have always had a split personality to a degree, somewhat shy and reserved on the one hand & on the other totally free spirited and risky. When I drink I always end up being wild and pushing life or people too far.lol.

We headed out on our trip; I remember that we were both wearing tight little jean shorts and tank tops. We were 18 years old and ready to party basically. I was mostly interested in very dark type men at that time. They had to listen to the smiths or ride a motorcycle, or be “Deep” lol. . I just wanted all that romance and mystic about a new relationship at that time. Sexually I spent most of my time masturbating, I hadn’t figured out how to get a guy to pleasure me properly. I would have sex and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t get to climax all the way. At least not all the time. Becky seemed like an easy cummer. She was curvy and very open; her body always seemed relaxed and playful. Basically I figured Becky had it all figured out in the sexual department with guys at that time. I was ready to settle for the foreplay and the fucking, as long as the guy was dark and interesting.

Basically the whole trip centered on meeting men. From the drive up, waving hysterically out of the sunroof, to stopping and flirting at fast food restaurants. Becky was just ready to collect some numbers. I mostly just sat back and watched her go into action, almost ready to scream out of frustration. I just hated it. I thought how meaningless to be acting like such a whore and not be getting anything out of it except some stupid phone number. Chances are she would never see them again, so why talk to them on the phone. We were hundreds of miles from home at this point. I started to get pissed off at Becky for her actions and refused to pull over to the side of the rode for some random guy at one point. We didn’t talk to each other for hours.

Eventually we made up and were laughing again about silly things. When we finally got to our hotel it was a relief. I couldn’t wait to get into that bed and just rest for the night. Becky was tired as well, which was a relief. When we woke up in the morning we decided to drive down the coast a little ways. It was a fun drive, we were screaming and yelling the whole way for some reason. I don’t know why we were so damn excited about driving down the road, lol. We ended up going to Santa Cruz beach. At the time there were a ton of people there, and lots of guys on motorcycles. There was also this little amusement park and some shops to check out. We were really excited about it.

Again, we were both wearing short shorts and tight tank tops. J We had our hair all done, both with long sorta blondish hair and nice tans. We started walking this little strip towards the amusement park. There were so many people strolling along looking for attention along with us that there was a ton of sexual energy in the air. As we were just about to go inside one of the shops, a guy yelled to Becky from his motorcycle. He said, “Nice Legs!” Of course to Becky this was hook line and sinker, not to mention the fact that the guy was tall, sexy, and riding a motorcycle. She kinda looked at me and smiled, and said, “Cmmmon” in an almost assertive sort of way. So I followed her, just hoping she would get his phone number and we would be on our way as quickly as possible. When we walked up I noticed he wasn’t alone, he had a friend with him. Not just a friend, a CUTE friend wearing a bandana and a leather jacket. He was a smaller guy, not huge and muscular. He seemed to have a smirk on his face, I don’t know what it was about him exactly I just know that I liked him....(Cum inside and finish reading the entire story- Click Here to Join Now!) xxx Desirae

This Is A Story About Our Trip To The Cabin….One HOT Summer

by Desirae » Tues Feb 04, 2014 10:03 am

Me and my best friend Shannon were in college at the time. We had decided to stay at her dads’ cabin up in the mountains in Oregon. One the day we left we woke up very early, brushed our teeth slowly in our underwear, just feeling the day coming on without any force or panic. We were both incredible happy and relaxed just to be on vacation.

The warm summer wind was blowing through the open dorm window….as we drank our coffee. Even though the coffee was terrible it was still good somehow. I love those sort of days!! I felt so at ease, I could tell Shannon did as well. We were ready for an adventure to begin. I loved my best friend; she was just so free and spirited. Every day I spent with her seemed to be refreshing. We were both just ready to totally let go of all our daily responsibilities for the entire summer in a beautiful country cabin.

This was our one chance to just feel like free birds, young and alive….free sexy young women, excited about what we will find around each corner of our trip to the cabin. Shannon loved to drive, she had a beat up old scout with the top cut off…it was the worst color orange that you could imagine, still it was cool. Her hair was terrific, she had thick sandy blonde flowing locks, just framing her cute little face & her slightly turned up adorable nose. As you can tell I was very infatuated with her.

Our friendship had crossed the line into a sexual nature many times throughout our 6-year friendship. It usually happened after a long night of partying and not hooking up with a cute guy, or in the middle of the night in our dorm room. I would feel her spooning me, and then fondling me…and things just progressed from there. We somehow always ended up in the 69 position just making each other cum over and over again.

We didn’t really talk about our sex. It was something we felt better kept as a secret. After all we both knew that deep down we liked men much more than women, so it was all-good. We were both obsessed with sex, fucking,…..anything sexual. We took trips together the sex toy stores and everything. We had a really cool friendship, but there was one thing I had always wanted to see….and that was Shannon fucking another man right in front of me….

We hopped into the truck and headed out. We put the top down and wore our favorite faded out blue jeans and tight little cropped t-shirts…our hair was sorta messy and wild. We were listening to music, dancing around in our seats. Shannon was so out going, she just started screaming the lyrics at the top of her lungs, lol. I remember wanting her in that moment. Her lack of inhibitions was so damn sexy!

We drove for hours, talking….singing, laughing. We started on the subject of men of course. We talked about what type of cock we preferred. She said she preferred HUGE cocks, and I told her I preferred medium with a hook to it…..I told her a story about this one night stand I had in Miami,…this guy was not the most good looking of men….I mean, he wasn’t a pretty boy by all means. There was just something sexy in his eyes, I liked the way he carried himself, and he smelled terrific. Smell is so hot on a man. Anyways, we ended up getting pretty ripped and I went home with him. I know what a slut, huh? I didn’t care, I was horny as hell….we must have fucked for hours in his bed, and oh wow was he good. He was so totally into pleasing me…and his hooked cock was hitting my g-spot over and over again. It was curved upwards…I will never forget it.

As I was finishing up my story I noticed that there was somebody walking along the side of the road up ahead. As we got closer, I could see that it was a younger guy…(Cum inside and read the rest of the story- Join Now! xxx Desirae)

2-1-14: Hey guys, well it is officially February 2014. Where the hell did 2013 go?! I recently got a personal trainer named Steve and I have a really naughty story to tell you about him.

Steve The Gym Guy

by Desirae » Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:26 pm

The rain was really coming down on my way to the gym. Rain always makes me feel sorta sexy in a way and I am not sure why exactly. Maybe because I know that if I were to step outside, my clothes would become drenched & many different men would be able to see my tits through my shirt. Being stared at that way really excites me. A man can turn me on with one look. Which is a good way to start out this story.

I was wearing some tight black workout shorts, a tight white work out bra that shows me cleavage, and my tennis shoes. I never wear panties when I wear these shorts and it feels good. I also never wear a bra so when I go into a cold room my nipples are instantly erect & undeniably noticeable. I am so used to it that if a guy or girl notices them, it doesn't phase me at all. I love being natural that way.

I arrived at the gym, and ran inside. Trying to avoid being completely drenched before I reached the door. As I came inside I saw him. I was trying to convince myself that what had happened between us wasn't real for the sake of my husband. I had cheated on him, and I don't know how I could think I could just put it away someplace in my mind and forget it. I thought if I just pretend like I never did anything, that it would just fade away. But when I saw his eyes, I instantly remembered every single detail of the afternoon we spent together a week ago.

His name is Steve, he is a personal trainer. He was assigned to show me how the machines worked & help set up a workout routine for me. The instant we locked eyes, I felt my clit start to tingle and my stomach filled with butterflies; I could barely speak correctly. It was this heated invisible energy bouncing off of us as we walked towards the workout area. It was so strong that if he were to just reach over and pull me in for a kiss, I would've been helpless to it. I wanted him in the most incredible way. He is 6'2, I think he weighs 185 lbs, dark blonde hair sorta curly, and green eyes. He looks a little like Kurt Russell in a way, a Kurt Russell Harrison Ford type mixture except a lot younger. His ass is incredible, a perfect bubble of muscle to pump his amazing cock ;)~

He showed me how to work the front of my legs, my abdominal's, but when he reached the glutes; well...things got interesting. I went to this machine called the Butt Blaster. In order to use it I have to get down on all fours, and push one of my legs up and back to isolate that muscle group. As he showed me how to get the best use of the machine, he put his hand/finger on the back of my thigh...and said "Squeeze, as you come up...that's it" and as he did this, he put his hand directly on my ass. He said, "Now push through and really feel the squeeze through this area as you push...." He kept his hand there for 5 reps, One, two, three, four, and five....I wanted to melt.

I thought that I was of course feeling unreciprocated feelings at first, he was pretty professional. Although I totally caught him staring at my boobs when I was doing sit ups. He said, "Let me show you the sauna area & steam room." I thought, "Yes, oh yes please Steve show me the steam room."...(Finish reading the whole story inside my members area- Click Here to Join Now.) xxx Desirae

01-31-14: Here's a naughty story about a foursome we just had:

This weekend we had just the best experience with swinging!! We met up with a hot couple at a really cool bar downtown. We had a big giant black booth....and there was awesome lighting~ a really cool vibe. We started having drinks, and then more drinks.....and pretty soon I just blurted out how much we liked them and what they would like to do next. She invited us over to their house, however it was a really long ways away so we decided to go to our place which was somewhat closer. We got inside and I immediately dimmed the lights. I love candle light and nice music, that is just my thing. I got the music going and we all sat down on the couch and talked for a bit. I ran downstairs and cleaned up my bedroom, just in case any action was going to take place. I was shoving things under the bed like crazy! lol.

After about a half an hour of chatting, Justn says to her, "I wanna see your butt". Yes, he actually said that. She wasn't even phased by it, she hopped right up and ran over to show him her butt....so I showed my ass to her husband. Then from there I said, "why don't we head down to the bedroom...." So down we went, the room was dimly lit and very romantic and sexy. I was just happy I had it all nice and ready for them when they came in. Justn went off to the bathroom which left the three of us just standing and sitting on the bed. I decided I was just going to take my top off....and so I did. I practically ripped it off and I heard her husband say, "Oh yeah!" which really turned me on. Then she got up on her knees by me and took off her top. She has huge D breasts, very full....and her body was to die for. She is a bikini model in Hawaii at certain times of the year, so you can imagine. Tan skin, great ass...about 5'4" long darkish blonde hair with streaks in it. Big blue eyes and a smile that would just melt you in two seconds. Her husband was no slouch either, he looked just like Matthew Mconoghe (sp?). Tall Blonde hair, blue eyes....the best smile.....and not only that! As we started to kiss....Justn walked in and was like, "Wow, hey there!" He walked over and just started to touch our asses. I wanted her to lie back on the bed...so I sorta pushed her gently back. She fell back and I kissed her some more....then Justn jumped in and just started to kiss her and slowly move his way down to her sweet pussy. He pulled off her panties, and exposed her fully shaved little kitty....he dove right in and started to lick her softly.

I loved watching him, but not enough to stop me from jumping to the other side of the bed to tend to her handsome husband. He was standing there with his shirt off, yummy....nice abs on him. I started to try to undo his belt, but was having difficulty so he helped me out. When I pulled down his boxers I almost gasped. I could not believe how big and thick his cock was. It was fantastic!! I think the first thing I did was just get down and start sucking on it. I could'nt get my mouth all the way around....I literally had to open my mouth as wide as I possibly could to just get it inside. I loved the feel of his dick, and my pussy was getting totally wet as I sucked him off. As I am writing this now I am getting aroused....I swear I can still smell him.....he drove me wild...(Finish reading the story in my members area-Join Now!) xxx Desirae


Update: Naughty Fuck Session...

I just love meeting up with new men for sex. In this video I am getting naughty at home with one of my new lovers. My site is jam packed full of my naughty sexy adventures. I know you are going to love watching me with other women as well. I love FFM sex MMF threesomes, orgies! You name it I love it! Cum inside and check it out. You will not be disappointed. xxx Desirae ( Just click on the image below for a FREE Video! ) Join Now!

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01-27-14: Well, i've been super busy running around shooting new video content. I am going to be adding another FFM threesome shortly. I think your head is going to completely pop off when you see this one ;) both heads haha. I also can't wait to shoot with a new friend of mine named Brittney. She is 18 and super excited to appear with me on the site. Below is a flash to the past of me with Kacey. I hope you enjoy! Also, be sure to remember that you get access to 4 sites by joining mine. :) xxx Desirae (just click on the image below for a FREE Video!)

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01-18-14: Well hello there! Hope you are having a nice Saturday. I am about to head to the mall. Here are a few snapshots before I head out. I am also putting a sample down below for you to enjoy. cum inside for the full enchilada baby! xxx Desirae

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01-17-14: Hi guys! Hope your week went well and that you are looking forward to the weekend. I know I am :) I am loading a new video to the members area tonight. It is me having to discipline yet another naughty student. This time it was 18 year old Logan & oh boy did I give her a good spanking. Here are a few snapshots from the video:

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01-17-14: Hi guys! Hope your week went well and that you are looking forward to the weekend. I know I am :) I am loading a new video to the members area tonight. It is me having to discipline yet another naughty student. This time it was 18 year old Logan & oh boy did I give her a good spanking. Here are a few snapshots from the video: I had to ball gag her and spank her over and over til her lil ass was all red

Below is a naughty story I wrote in my forum inside of the members area regarding a video I did with a hot new stud:

One of my all time fantasies was to meet a much younger man in a hotel & fuck him while my husband hid in the closet and listened. It took a while to convince hubby to go for it, he was concerned that a single guy might cause problems or get too attached. I told him that I would make it perfectly clear to the guy that I had no intentions of taking it any farther than just one night. I did however want to be so attracted to the guy that I would yearn to have him again, so when I went looking I was really picky. I decided the best way for me to find a guy would be to go online and use a dating service like adult friend finder. I knew that I would be able to find a hot guy in my area that way, vs. trying to find a guy off of the street.

I went online every night for about two weeks searching for him. I was getting a little discouraged at first, I wasn't finding a young enough guy to fulfill my fantasy. Finally, about after a little searching I found Vince. I was immmediately attracted to his photos and we swapped back and forth. I sent him some of me in sexy lingerie, and a full nude shots. He was 20 years old, 6'2", he had a great build, blonde hair and blue eyes. We started chatting online quite a bit and we started using our yahoo live cams so we could see eachother. It was totally exciting. I found myself masturbating when my husband wasn't around. I would just imagine Vince's hands on me...his lips, his body pressed up against me. It made me wet.

We found a time to meet up, it was going to be on a Friday night at a local hotel downtown. I booked the room and let him know all the details. I packed my little overnight bag, making sure to pack a slinky little black dress with some matching black lingerie with garters and stockings. I really wanted this to be a sexy experience. I even packed some candles and of course some condoms. I didn't really want to use them, but figured I should be safe. I was getting so excited that I could barely stand it. The thoughts of him were rolling over me more and more....getting more and more intense. My panties were almost constantly wet just thinking about him. I decided that we should probably talk on the phone atleast once before we met up. I thought that would really break the ice so that when we met up we would be more relaxed and ready to play...(Full Story Continued in Members Area- Join today!) xxx Desirae


01-9-14: I just got done loading a new video to the members area. We were so excited to play with Claire. A naughty 3some was what we had in mind and that is EXACTLY what we got! She was such a horny little slut and I was getting off on watching her sucking my husband's cock. I sat on her face and she ate my pussy so incredible while he fucked her tight pussy. We finished with a blowjob and she took his cum in her mouth. Can't wait to meet up with her again and have round two!! ....xxx Desirae...(story continued in members area) - Cick Image below for FREE PREVIEW!!

01-9-14: I just got done loading a new video to the members area. We were so excited to play with Claire. A naughty 3some was what we had in mind and that is EXACTLY what we got! She was such a horny little slut and I was getting off on watching her sucking my husband's cock. I sat on her face and she ate my pussy so incredible while he fucked her tight pussy. We finished with a blowjob and she took his cum in her mouth. Can't wait to meet up with her again and have round two!! ....xxx Desirae...(story continued in members area) - Cick Image below for FREE PREVIEW!!


01-7-14: I was feeling really horny last night so I opened up my website and watched a naughty double blowjob that we did. Hubby was so damn hard and came inside of my pussy. I love looking down watching his hard rod beating into my tight wet pussy. He pulled my hair and we looked into eachothers eyes, I started talking dirty to him. I told him about the date I went on the day before and how he ate my pussy so well. I then proceeded to tell him about how I let him fuck me nice and deep and I took his hot cum in my mouth. Below is a sample of the video we were watching:

He Gave Her a Load She Will Never FORGET!!...

I invited my sexy 19 year old friend Kacey over to suck my husbands cock for his birthday. He has always though Kacey was a little hottie, but had no idea what a little slut she could be. She talked so dirty to him while she sucked his long hard cock.....

I just couldn't stay away, I had to be involved....it was so erotic and naughty to watch my husbands cock being sucked by another young woman. We took turns stroking and sucking his cock and balls, and as she sucked the head of his long dick, ....I stroked his shaft, eventually working up into the biggest load of semen I have ever seen! 

My husband had a smile on his face the whole entire day and evening afterwards, it really was the hottest birthday present I think I have ever given him. =) xxx Desirae

He Gave Her a Load She Will Never FORGET!!...

I invited my sexy 19 year old friend Kacey over to suck my husbands cock for his birthday. He has always though Kacey was a little hottie, but had no idea what a little slut she could be. She talked so dirty to him while she sucked his long hard cock.....

I just couldn't stay away, I had to be involved....it was so erotic and naughty to watch my husbands cock being sucked by another young woman. We took turns stroking and sucking his cock and balls, and as she sucked the head of his long dick, ....I stroked his shaft, eventually working up into the biggest load of semen I have ever seen!

My husband had a smile on his face the whole entire day and evening afterwards, it really was the hottest birthday present I think I have ever given him. =) xxx Desirae


01-05-14: Well HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the first time i've written in my diary this year and I wanted to give you a few pics along with my entry. I've been super busy lately. I made a naughty movie with one of my sexy new girlfriends. She did an FFM with me and Justn. Today I've been busy sending out orders from my store. Mostly panties and stockings, but I like to put something special in each package. My printer is fucking up on me- i've tried everything. I think I may just need to buy a new one. You'd think these things would last longer than they do! We are about to head out on a little "Date" with another couple. It is a casual thing that may just lead to some casual sex ;) I am just wearing a short skirt, my new boots, and a sexy tank top. I have my hair pulled up in a high pony tail...(read the rest of my diary entry inside- JOIN NOW!)


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12-30-13: Just wanted to stop in to say a quick “Hello Baby” Hope you are having a nice holiday season. I know i’ve been super busy doing stuff…kinda looking forward to when it’s over to tell you the truth.  Listening to music with my new beats….they are so cozy. ;) Things are going well. I have a trip planned to hit Las Vegas in Jan.  ;) who will I meet up with next? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out. Hubby is super excited as well. FFM coming soon! OMG it is almost 2014. WTF is going on? Seriously, I think time is spinning up and it is a government conspiracy or something!!! It just seems like yesterday that it was Jan 2013. AH well, life goes on. I was just watching a clip from the breakfast club, you know the part where they try to prop the door open with that bookcase, lmao. I still like those old movies like Pretty in Pink. It has been so long since I've watched one. We are able to view all the newest videos- right now my hubby's favorite is Django.....he knows all the lines, kinda like I know Pulp Fiction. Anyways, I just wanted to pop my head into your head and say "HI!" if you are reading this I really hope today, this morning, or this evening has been a good one for you & that I am NOT in the Truman Show!!! xxx Desirae



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12-28-13: I hope you are having a nice holiday season. I am really glad Xmas is over although I think this is the best one I've ever had in my life. I love my famly so much! I am also excited about a new video I put up today. It is about this HOT babe named Logan that I met down by the pool. Don't worry, you will see more of Logan and in a situation you've never seen me do before. ;) I love hearing from you, thanks for all of the letters and pictures baby. I am heading to Las Vegas in Jan. for a convention and while I am out there I am meeting up with one of my members. I am super excited!!

Here is the video I just posted:

desirae and logan

I hope your new year is filled with sexy experiences and excitement. I will speak with you sooner than the new year though. I have a live show tomorrow at 4:30pm EST. I hope you can make it. xxx Desirae

Here I am out shopping:

desirae spencer

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11-26:13: Hey there sweetie! Hope your week started off well! I am super excited about filming with two hot young girls this Friday and Saturday. Yay!! Can't wait to share everything with you and write some naughty stories about my sexy adventures. I went and got my nails & toes done today. It actually took him way less time this round, so I was happy. I do enjoy the massage chair and having my feet rubbed. ;) I am bringing my ball-gag and all my dominatrix toys.....and outfits. (and yes of course....my strap-on) It is hilarious to me that I ordered a few new dildos and one of them showed up with actual veins in it. Yeah, it looks like a real cock that is about to explode. I will have to show you a picture of it. In the meantime....I took a few pictures today and thought I would post them in my diary today. The holidays sometimes stress me the fuck out, but this year I am much more open and calm about it. I just want a simple Christmas and holiday season. Today someone asked me if I was going shopping on black friday. I was like, "Hell no!" are you kidding me? not this milf. hehe....I don't want to fight the crowds basically. I am off to tan now. Hope you have a great night! Chat with ya soon!

Here is Video of the Week FREE Preview sample: (just click on the thumbnail below)

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november 2013 Desirae Spencer







11-19-13: Well, I have some exciting news for you. Next week I am all set for two girl girl sets and a GGB threesome. I am super excited because these are two fine young babes that you are going to totally enjoy. I am going to seduce them both, being that I am the older more experienced woman. ;) I will post some pics as soon as I get them. They are both 19 I think. lol. I am super sore from the gym. I worked my back and arms and am really paying for it let me tell ya. After I worked out I sat in the sauna for a while and it was just too hot so I went and swam some laps in the pool. I love to swim, it is the best exersize for my ass. ;) I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is going well so far. Hubby seems really excited for next week as well. We have had our experiences with couples and even single females, but this time going to film all the action for you. I am planning a bubble bath, a strap-on, a teacher/student, and a bunch of other stuff. I have to pack up all of the outfits and get ready way before I leave otherwise I will be trippin out. Anyways, I am off to the gym again....yikes, I hope it helps with the soreness. Talk to ya soon! xxx Desirae

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Naughty Girl Needs to be Spanked...

I went out with a girlfriend of mine the other day. We ended up trying on some really sexy skimpy little biker outfits on and posing on her hubby's bike in the garage. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were both posing naked and showing off a little bit. I rushed home afterwards to show hubby the new outfit I had picked out. I told him all about how naughty I had been while over at my friends house. I told him that I've been a naughty girl and that I needed to be punished......

Sucking My Boyfriend Mark Off In His Hotel Room...

Sucking My Boyfriend Mark Off In His Hotel Room...

I have this really hot boyfriend that I meet up with sometimes when he comes into town. My husband loves it when I am a little slut for cock like this. The last time we got together he went down on me and made me cum like three times, so this visit was about payback. I wanted to make him cum harder than ever with a long slippery wet blowjob. I just loved sucking on his hard cock and couldn't believe how much cum he gave me all over my face at the end....xoxo Desirae


11-11-13: Today I loaded a new recorded live show video. I am excited for you to watch it. The preview is on the home page. Here are a few of my favorite video updates:

Fucking My Running Buddy ...

One of my favorite things to do is jog. I love to get out there and just work up a good sweat. Yesterday while I was running this really cute guy started running beside me. We flirted for a while and before long I had told him that I have an adult website. He seemed really excited about the idea and wanted to be a part of it. I was really excited to hear this, I love when guys want to appear on my website. I hope you like the video we made today. We had a Blast :)OMG he shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen all over my face and hair after fucking me for a long time. This is a longer video than usual, we just couldn't get enough of each other. xxx Desirae

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Hubby Gives Me a Free Pass ...

My husband is away on business this week, so he decided to give me a "Free Pass" Which basically means that I can find a guy and bring him home at any time while he is away. I decided to go to one of our favorite swinger sites to find a sexy guy for a little sexy fun. I found a guy named John who is 43 and invited him to my house to fuck me while hubby is away. I mean a girl has needs that need to be fulfilled, if you know what I am saying ;) I was also really excited knowing that John hadn't had sex in a while, and that he was so damn horny. When he came over I greeted him in a sexy little zebra striped dress and fuck me heels. I couldn't wait for him to discover how juicy and wet my pussy was. We fucked all afternoon and I had the camera on the whole time so that hubby could watch all the action when he came home from work. Hope you enjoy the movie, I had a blast making it, and oh boy did I ever get a HUGE load of yummy cum at the end. xoxo Desirae.....

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11-4-13: Hey sweetie! It's been a crazy past few days whew. Too much too much. Now I am mostly caught up and can shoot tomorrow. I have a video to load tomorrow as well. I do a little strip tease at the front and added a little music, it's fun and sexy-you'll like it. I am looking to buy some Jordans on ebay. It is crazy what you can find on there. Sitting at my desk right now, listening to music. I did a little painting recently, but I feel somewhat rusty at it. I usually just go with the flow, but I am second guessing myself. Justin is coming home soon, he went on a little day trip with his "Playmate" lol. I don't know what you call it. I know in the "Swingers" lifestyle she would be called a unicorn.

I am going to load the pictures with the video tomorrow. I went and got waxed recently, it was freaky....but I love the results. It is different than a razor for sure. A friend of mine recently got married, and well they were saying their vows and the part came to like "to keep faithful...or to your wife only" etc. etc. I started to laugh almost because they are swingers, but if you think about it. Just because you have sex with other people doesn't mean that you are not in a committed relationship with your spouse. Look at me talking all intellectual. Look, I went tanning today, been working out.....etc. and I am shooting tomorrow all day. I am horny so it works out well. Justin made me cum so fucking hard last night like 4 times in a row. I thought I was being electicuted. lol

Well, I just wanted to stop in to say "Hello" and talk about stuff with ya. Hope your week is starting off well.

xxx Desirae

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10-31-13: Well Happy Halloween to ya first off. I am not dressing up this year. I think we are just going to put a bowl of candy outside the door and go out. hehe...Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I get virgins contacting me quite often - they want me to be their first. I am shocked by how many virgins there are nowadays, but it is understandable I suppose. Not for me lol I was a horn dog from the get go. I was humping anything I could get my hands on. I remember I used to have this giant cheetah, you know the guy for the cheetos commercials, lmao. Anyways....he was humped all the time. I decided to put up a few previews of the videos of me taking a few guys virginity.

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taking marks virginity

taking his virginity Desirae Spencer naughty at home.com

10-24-13: Well hello there! Hope you are having a great day so far. I am in the middle of finding a few young models for the site. I want a little girl girl and a ffm threesome action. I just love new pussy in our bed! Today I got up early and went to the gym, then took a hot shower- felt so incredible that I had to masturbate with the showerhead.

I want some more of this

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or some of this:

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10-23-13: Well I am back from my trip to NY !! I had a blast while I was up there....couldn't do all the things I wanted to do because that city is just so HUGE. I mean you could go there and every single day do something different for years. My favorite part was the horse drawn carriage ride through central park. The trees were so beautiful that they looked almost fake- down in Miami the trees just don't look the same lol. We almost got mugged once which was really freaky. Hubby handled it - so it was no big thing. I saw a Broadway show, went to ground zero, visited the Metropolitan museum of art, Rockefeller center, times square and so much more. Ahhhhh.....it is nice to be home. Oh I almost forgot! We went to this amazing strip club!! I got like 6 dances from different girls, well they were more like a couples dance because Justn was with me. We got all hot and horny and rented some dirty porn in our hotel room. We fucked like rabbits, I came while riding him reverse cowgirl style. I was so HOT that I could barely touch my clit!! I have some pictures to post of the trip, but some of them we haven't takeen off the camera yet....so I will just post a few here.

I also added a new picture set to the members area today:

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naughty desirae

inlimo ride desirae spencer on my way to new york

brooklyn bridge I think


desirae and justncredable

desirae in new york

10-15-13: OMG we had a blast! We went out to a really cool play and then had a wonderful dinner, then came dessert!! I mean we fucked like rabbits in that hotel room, I bet the people next door had a glass up to the wall to listen in on us, lol. He (You know who you are baby.....) had the most beautiful cock, I had to worship it for a while. I sucked on his big hard cock for a while sliding out of my dress...(Join Now For Full Story- Click Here!! Don't Wait! Why postpone pleasure? xxx Desirae

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10-13-13: I am heading out of town for a quick trip with one of my lovers. We are going to stay at this really nice hotel and go out on his boat...I am super excited and I packed lots of hot and sexy lingerie. Justin is also having a little "playtime" with one of our girlfriends. They are going to have a good time I am sure. She is a young little hottie that we both get along with really well.....so I am sure he will keep occupied and not get lonely. ;) I am about to head out, here are some snap shots. I hope you are having a great weekend and that your week starts off great! Chat with ya soon! xxx Desirae

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10-07-13: I had a BLAST at the nudist resort....good times. I watched Justin in his first threesome with two sexy women. Then I got my turn and took on two cocks at once. It felt like a mini gang bang :) Here are a few pictures from my latest video update I put up last night.

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10-04-13: I am sitting at my desk getting a few things done....that is before we head out for the weekend. We are headed to a swingers party at a nudist resort. I love packing for the nudist resort, lol. I am packing some sexy lingerie though for the meet and greet party the first night. We already know a few couples that are going so it should be a blast.

Yesterday I met Jason at Starbucks and we headed back to our house afterwards. I met him there because I wasn't sure if we were going to hit it off face to face and that would be an easy place to chat....however, the chemistry was white HOT and we only stayed there for like five minutes literally. He followed me back to my house and since Justin wasn't home we had the house to ourselves.

He wore this cologne that made me wet and I couldn't stop smelling him and his neck. We got into my bedroom and he saw the lingerie I had picked out on the bed. I said, "You like?" He nodded yes....so it was on. I went into the bathroom and changed into the lingerie and put on a pair of high heels. I came back to find him sitting on the edge of the bed....I stood in front of him and guided his hands around me to touch my ass...(full story continued in the members area- Join NOW- Don't Wait!! xxx Desirae

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showing my ass to the world….courtesy of Desirae Spencer from that site you want to join today www.Naughtyathome.com

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10-03-13: Today I have a HOT date with a new guy I met online. His name is Jason and I am totally excited to meet him at Starbucks. We will most likely meet up there and if we hit it off we can head back to my place. I picked out some sexy lingerie to wear for him. Justin snapped a few pictures of me wearing this outfit a while back....I wanted to share them with you today. I just love afternoon fuck sessions with new men. I am so lucky that Justin likes to share me. xxx Desirae Also I made up a wishlist on Amazon - My Amazon Wishlist

pink and white with garters goingto wear this for my date today with Jason


9-22-13: Last night we went to a swingers party at a private party. They rented out a small club on a rooftop. It had an inside area as well, with a couch and other rooms. I wore a sexy school girl outfit with stockings of course. We ended up meeting a really sexy couple named Roger and Sheila. We were all sitting on the couch and Sheila reached over and put her hand on my knee...next thing I knew we were kissing and making out in front of our husbands. Her lips tasted so sweet and juicy, I was getting so wet with each french kiss we shared. I loved her soft tongue against mine, mmm.....Justin reached over and started to fondle her breasts & Roger did the same to me. We were gathering up a little crowd of onlookers...but we didn't seem to mind because we were all so horny.

Sheila got down on her knees in front of me and pulled off my panties from underneath my skirt. She started to kiss and lick my eager wet pussy....(Full story continued in members area- click here to join now!) xxx Desirae

swingers party


9-15-13: Hey there! I have a show today at 3:30pm EST I hope you can cum baby. I made a new video last night and have another almost ready to post. You are going to get off HARD baby! I also have a new sexy toy store I thought you might be interested in:

My Sexy Toy Store


Here is a picture of what I was wearing last night! It is a little blurry, but I have a full set of really clear pics. xxx Desirae


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9-09-13: Hi there, hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was really fun. Last night we had a threesome mmf and I was like stuck in the middle like a sandwhich, it was great!! :) I just love being the center of attention like that. Today I am working on addding a HOT new video to my site. I am also looking for another "Member of the Month" It can be you or your wife, I just need to choose someone that would like to receive a free month, a goodie bag from me, and their picture in the Member of the Month Area of my members area. :) I went to the gym early this am, got a good workout in...feeling really strong and healthy. Yesterday I went tanning and when I came out to my car their was a note that read "Rude! Learn to Park!" I checked my parking job and I was perfectly between the lines. That person is lucky I didn't see them writing that note because I would've given them a piece of my mind and then some. lol. I have some new picture sets to add to the site as well. They are some you've never seen before. xxx Desirae

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09-01-13: Goodmorning to ya! Happy Sunday! Well, I had to reschedule my live cam show for Wed the 4th because I have a HOT date today with Julie. We are going to go have drinks and do a little shopping to get to know each other. I want to bring her home and play with her in front of Justin. He loves how I go down on women, he knows how much I enjoy it. I am going to be looking for some new girls to work with for girl girl and strap-on action....I'm totally excited about it! xxx Desirae



8-31-13: Well I just got back from the gym, and it was a REALLY good visit. My personal trainer is a total hottie and he asked me for my phone number. ;) I think I am going to see if he wants to be in one of my videos coming up. Also, I went into the sauna after my work out and the sexiest thing happened. I was in there in just a towel, I had forgotten to bring my bathing suit. Anyways, this hot blonde chic came in and sat pretty close to me. We started talkig about the sauna feeling good and we were suprised more people didn't take advantage of it. Her name was Julie and she is tan, a little shorter than me with big tits, they looked like atleast C's. All of a sudden she reached over and felt my leg, told me I had nice firm legs and asked how long I had been working out. At that point I could tell this wasn't her first time seducing someone in the sauna before, or atleast that is what I thought.

I thanked her and reached over and felt her leg, I was like, "Look who's talking! You're ripped" She laughed. She said she was new to this area and was looking for new friends. I said, "That's perfect, I would love to make a new friend like you." "LIke me?" she said. "Yes, just like you....cute, sweet, funny....and most of all CUTE!" lol. We were all smiles and I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek. She turned her head suddenly and we were lip to lip. Tingles ran down my legs, or rather UP my legs and my pussy got instantly wet. We kissed and felt each other's bodies for a moment or two and the DAMN! Some lady came in and ruined our rendevous.! Ah well, No big deal....I got her phone number and we are going out for drinks tonight. I can't wait. I have the perfect sexy dress to wear!

8-25-13: Happy Sunday to ya baby. I hope you enjoyed my latest video update. It was a sort of retro style Leave it to Beaver knock off....Eddie came over to visit my son and well, I ended up seducing him in my dress and rubber gloves. ;) My next video is coming very soon and I know you are goin to LOVE it! I am listening to music getting some work done right now....jamming out a little bit. I am also on cam so you can see me workin. Friday's show was SUPER fun and HOT! I started out by just chatting and then gave my hubby head on the edge of the bed, then he fucked me with a big black dildo...then he fucked me and gave me a messy creampie. I will post the video and pictures soon, so you won't miss this one! ;) Yesterday I did a little shopping, got some really cute tops and some jewelry.
8-22-13: Hi there, hope you are having a great week so far. Mine has been super busy, but great. I am off to get my hair done today. Yikes! it takes like 2 1/2 hours to do my hair, it is ridiculous!! My hubby is so lucky- he doesn't even have to deal with that at all.
08-21-13: I just added a new video to the site last night in the members area. It is such a HOT video that I keep watching it over and over. I just love seducing younger men, it is so erotic for me. This week is flying by as usual, where the hell is the time going?! Feels like I just got back from Tampa and now it is almost September! Ah well, time flies whe you are having fun right? I am off to get my nails done and then make a naughty video. It is a suprise video I know you are going to enjoy. I do need another member of the month, so if you are interested in some free panties, lingerie plus a free month- email me in the members area and send me some pics. Let me know why you want to be member of the month. I will put up your pics, couples are also welcome of course. Well, I am off to start the day, I hope you have a good one, I will talk to ya soon! xxx Desirae

08-18-13: Hi there, shame on me for not writing in my diary sooner than today! I have been having some pretty wild times lately. We took a trip to Tampa to meet a HOT couple recently. When we got there Justin had the room all set up for me with flowers, champagne, and rose pedals with balloons. It was so gorgeous. Here is a little clip of what the room looked like:

I will have some more pictures up shortly of the rendevous in Tampa. There is a little twist to the story, but it all turned out well. Today I am catching up on some work and relaxing. Last night we went over to some swinger friends of ours house. We all ended up in the jacquizi (sp:?) It was really HOT to say the least. I just love hot tubs when it comes to swapping partners, it is so erotic. We ended up in the bedroom and we did a full swap with them. I came like three times getting fucked doggy style, while Justin came all over my tits. It was sorta like I had two cocks all to myself at one point and I really enjoyed that.

Well, I am off to get some stuff done. I hope you are enjoying the movies I've been adding to the site. I love kowing I am getting you HOT! Hope you have a great Sunday baby!

xxx Desirae


08-07-13: Hi sweetie! I have a live cam show tomorrow at 3:30pm EST. I hope you can make it. Today I am getting caught up on a bunch of stuff. I have a new HOT video to add to the site, so you can look forward to that. We had a blast at the swingers club the other night. I ended up doing a little strip tease in front of a few couples, and it was so much fun. We were all laughing and having a great time. We did call the night early and head home, but it was really fun. Thanks for all of your sweet letters that I have been getting lately. I love them! Well, I am on live right now if you want to say "Hello". Hope to chat with ya soon! xxx Desirae

If you want to see me live right now- click here~ for my FREE webcam.


08-03-13: Hello there sweetie! Hope your Saturday is starting out well so far. I am getting a little work done this am then heading to the mall. You know the funniest part of doing porn is other so called upstanding citizens find out what I do for a living. I was recently dubbed "Queen of Porn" wow, QUEEN!! Now that is a compliment, thanks! Seriously, I suppose it is ok to look at it and even own it (porn), but if you actually DO it, then you are deemed a heathen....ah well. Anyways, Tonight we are going to a really fun swingers party. Cool thing about swingers is that they have open minds, they are just nervous about their pictures showing up. I suppose they hide their lifestyle from their conservative friends as well. We all have our little secrets. My secret is out there for the world to see & it's all good....spread the rumors all you'd like - yeah you know who you are and who I am referring to. Funny, in the old days you wanted to do adult porn yourself, just never did it....I think you even consulted a plastic surgeon for a boob job a few times....hypocrit bitch! Open up a can Go Fuck Yourself and drink it up because you definitely deserve it! In my opinion the only difference between us is that I actually film my escapades, and you just go around fucking everybody in town for free just because you are a good little HO. You go girl!! ;) Maybe I should come up with a list of names- Nah...that would take too long lmao.

I am wearing a really sexy vintage blue dress with some white lingerie underneath. I will post some pics of it soon. I also finished a few videos that are in the works to be added to the site. You are going to LOVE them! I will post a few pics below to give you a peek. I also wanted to give a shout out to Member of The Month "Jbird"! He will be receiving a free month along with an autographed photo and a box full of goodies. If you'd like to be member of the month, just send me an email and tell me why you deserve it along with a few fun pictures. You don't have to send nude pics if you don't feel like it. Be sure to send them to my members only email address, that way I am sure to get it. If you send it to my support email, my support team will get it and I will not see them. Well, I am off to the mall....probably going to buy some sexy new shoes...Hope you have a great Saturday! xxx Desirae (More naughty full length diary entries in members area! Click Here to Join Now!)

light blue desirae spencer 2013

light blue with vintage lingerie underneath pinup style desirae spencer


7-25-13: The funniest thing just happened to us. We were at the dog racing track and ran into this HOT couple that we have played with before! We were all excited to see each other again and decided to have and afternoon quickie at their place. We drove over there in a hurry, lol. Got inside and decided to sit in the hot tub together naked. We all undressed and got into the hot tub. Justin tossed me over to Pete and Pete did the same with Kate. We started kissing and feeling HOT! I started rubbing his hard cock up against my pussy and ass under the water, it felt so good. We decided to get out of the hot tub and headed into the bedroom. We dried off and all got down on the bed. Pete started to lick Kate's pussy while she went down on me. I was sucking on Justin's cock all the while....(full story continued in members area- click here to join now)

Here is a picture of what I will be wearing in my next naughty video:

desirae spencer


7-19-13: Howdy! I am working hard to get my latest video posted for you. It is a suprise so I won't ruin it for ya. I will however post a little preview gif as well as a photo of my outfit. ;)

naughty bellboy old fashioned outfit pin up desirae spener

desirae spencer pin up looking sexy giving handjob

I've been super busy shooting new content with my various lovers. Justin has been away off and on, so while he is away I get to be naughty as long as I film everything :). We did meet up with a swinger couple recently. They are from Miami, and we were at a swingers club down there the other night. We went into all the different rooms, and ended up in a fetish room. There was a sofa "leather" of course, lmao. Their names were Brad and Gina. He was blonde and blue eyed, and she was a soft spoken asian petite beauty. The whole idea of a swingers club is to hook up, so it takes out the nervousness of introducing yourself. We started chatting and we told them we had a room not too far from the club if they would like to continue the party with us. They agreed, so they hopped in their car and followed us to our room. Once inside, I made up some chocolate martinis and a few rum and cokes. I passed out the drinks and we all sat down in the living room area of the room. It was a really cool place, sorta set up like an apartment...I believe you can actually rent these places as apartments for some astronomical fee...anyways, we started talking about boundaries and what they liked to do with other couples. They said that their favorite thing to do was to do a ffm (female female male) threesome while one watches. So, that is what we decided to do. I leaned in for to kiss Gina's sweet lips, and she tasted like honey! I ran my hand up the back of her neck and felt her extremely soft hair. It was long and brown almost black...felt so sensual against my skin. We started to undress eachother slowly. Button by button until we were just in our bra and panties....(Story continued in members area...and this is a LONG one!!) Join Now to Watch All Of My Naughty Videos! xxx Desirae


07-12-13: Hey guys! I am adding a new video to the site right now. I am also on my live cam- so you can see me live right NOW! Got up early took a hot shower....made some scrambled eggs (yummy) Now I am just working on the site. I also bought a new dress yesterday because we are going to a swingers club tonight in Miami. I am psyched!! I have this really sexy black dress. Also, I put up a craigslist for two guys to show up for a glory hole blowjob.


Here I am getting out of the shower doing my MC Hammer "Showertime" booty shake! lmao

I hope you are having an awesome weekend so far!!! Be naughty for me tonight, k? I will keep you posted about the results of my craigslist casual encounters glory hole blowjob session!

Below is me eating my scrumptious breakfast alongside my puppy!

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07-11-13: Hi guys! I am so horny after my live show. As I had mentioned I am adding a new girl girl video with me in it soon. Also, lil sis Sammy made a porn video. She was pretty shy though- doesn't say too much....Justin set up this guy I am going to be shooting a video with today in my living room. I have never met him, but I trust my husband. ;) ~xxx Desirae Below is a little hint of what I will be wearing in my video.

Hope the rest of your evening is fantastic! Can't wait to chat with you again soon! Just loved touching my hot wet pussy and fingering myself while you watched me. I love knowing that I am getting you hard and ready to cum like a mad man!

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07-03-13: Well I was just in for a treat! Justin came in super horny. He had been watching a girl girl video I made....Anyways, I got down on my knees in the office and started sucking his big cock:

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7-2-13: What the hell happened to JUNE!! Shit, feels like time is spinning by at the speed of light sometimes. As I mentioned in my blog yesterday I got into a car accident, but luckily it wasn't my fault and I didn't get hurt. I am pissed that my car has damage to it. Nothing worse than that AHHHHH!! Nothing that can't be fixed I guess. Last night we had some amazing sex! I am talking mind blowing...I must have cum 5 times, no joke. I was super horny and wanted to watch a porn, so I went to my site's members area and clicked on couples seduce teens. It was a full length vid of this hot married couple seducing the babysitter-so very naughty!

We roleplayed and I pretended and talked to my hubby as if I were the wife seducing that young pussy....licking her clit while he fucked me. He was hard as a rock & filled me up to the brim. hehe. Today is a good morning, made pancakes and sausage, had a cup of coffee...now time to get some work done. I have some incredible new outfits and lingerie to share with you. I mean this stuff is going to blow your mind HOT!!

I will be on live cam tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST. Hope you can come join me. More lingerie pics just added in members area! Click Here to Join Now!


06-26-13: We got back from the nudist resort yesterday. It was a really good time. The best part was having sex with the big mirror over the top of our bed with a couple we met. We met at the pool and had lunch together, then we decided to all meet for drinks and do a little dancing later in the evening. I was just wearing a little sheer sarong around my waist. Justin was in the buff :) He looks so sexy naked, I just love smacking that ass! The couple we met was super hot - she was blonde big boobs, long hair and a very sweet little ass on her. He had dark hair, was very tan and had a nice package to boot.

We met at the bar and ordered a few drinks. Then I took Sherry out on the dance floor and we started to dirty dance a bit for the guys. It was such a turn on for me as well. I loved feeling her soft skin up against me....We whisperered to each other that we were ready to head back to our room for some serious fucking. We were all so damn horny and I knew it was going to be very passionate and sexy...(Full Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae


06-19-13: Well last night was a whole lot of fun. I was so excited that the Heat won! Yay! We went with another sexy couple and ended up messing around in the room when we got back. I brought one of my strap-on's with a thick dildo attachment and used it on my girlfriend. I just bought it online and was shocked at how much bigger it was in person than what I thought it was online lol. She didn't seem to mind. Justin went down on her 69 style while I fucked her doggy style. Her hubby played with my titties and kissed me, we were so excited to fuck! I knew my girlfriend was close to cumming, she started moving all around and moaning really loud. As she came she squirted...(Full Story Continued in Members Area) xxx Desirae


06-12-13: Hi guys, Here is a little daily video I made for you today. I have a live cam chat coming up soon, I hope you can make it. My live chats are so much fun for me. :) I just added a new video as well, it is the one where I suck and fuck my new boss. I needed a little extra cash so I took a job as a bookkeeper for a local construction company. I really hit it off with my new boss Rick, so I flirted with him and invited him over for a little afternoon delight. I wore some really sexy black fetish lingerie underneath my business attire. Of course I wore some full fashioned stockings and some high heels for him as well. I couldn't wait to get my hands on his cock. He was already hard and ready for me when I got down on my knees....yummy! Hope you enjoy that video. Also, I am starting a new "Member of the Month" contest. You will get a free autographed picture and your choice of a pair of my panties or stockings, and if you choose I will put up your picture and do a write up just especially for you- I'll even make a custom video for ya- saying your name and letting you know how much I appreciate you being a member of my site. Hope your week is going along great for you! Hope to chat with you soon! xxx Desirae


6-06-13: Last night I went out with my step son's girlfiend and a few of her friends. We got all dressed up, I wore a sexy black dress and shiny black heels. :) We hit a few local night clubs and then ended up at a really cool place overlooking the beach. The music was so incredible, I couldn't wait to get out on the dancefloor. We grabbed a drink or two and were sitting at a high top table just laughing and getting a good buzz on. A couple guys came up to us and asked us if we wanted to dance, so we all went out and got down a bit, lol. We danced for a long time and then all wanted to head home.

We ended up taking a taxi home because none of us was fit to drive. When we got home we were all pretty wasted. ..we were laughing hysterically and ended up in my room. I had a box on the bed that I had forgotten to put away...needless to say they saw what was in the box. It was full of sex toys and different types of lubes. lol. Sometimes I go on little toy shopping sprees online & well, they caught me. ha! They were playing around with this vibrator and talking about how powerful it was. I said, "You think that is strong, you haven't seen anything! I have a sybian." They smiled and laughed, I said, "I am serious!", and went to my closet to retrieve the box with the sybian in it. I plugged it in and put one of the finger attachments on it. I have all the attachments btw...but didn't want to scare them with the big attachment.

One of the girls was super excited about the sybian and climbed on it with her dress hiked up and panties still on. She was...(Story continued in my members area- JOIN NOW !!) xxx Desirae


5-28-13: Hello there my sweet! Hope you had a good memorial day weekend. Mine was really fun. We had great food and drinks with a few friends. Probably too much drinking lol. I ended up watching the Hurt Locker again, that is such a great movie. Anyways, I wanted to tell you what happened while I was in Miami at the Heat game.

Well, we stayed in a hotel near the stadium and I got up to some naughty business while we were there. You see the bellman was extremely cute, so while we were checking in I slipped him my phone number, not even thinking he was going to call right away. Turns out he recognized me from the site and was really excited to call me.

This worked out in my favor because I was really horny and he already knew what a naughty freak I was. That I just like to get down to the business of fucking and avoid all the nonsense. :)~xxx He called me up and I told him that my husband was going to get a massage for an hour...(story continued in members area.) xxx Desirae


5-21-13: Hi guys, Here is a little daily video I made for you today. Just to recap- i've been adding a lot of new bonus content to the site along with my HOT videos. I hope you enjoy them. Also, thanks so much for your letters. I love hearing from you, I get a kick out of some of the wild stuff you guys say. xxx Desirae (story continued in members area.)


05-20-13: I went out shopping the other day and ended up buying a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom. The shoe salesman was really cute, so I flirted with him a little bit. I had him run back for a few different pairs so I wouldn't lose his attention. When he put my shoe on my neatly manicured foot, I saw him glance at my bare legs. I was wearing a short black mini skirt and a pink top. I really needed some new sandals for summer, and this was looking like it was going to be a great shopping experience. His name was James and he looked like he was in his twenties or so, sometimes it is hard for me to tell. lol. Anyways, I was back to flirting and I asked him if I could have his phone number, so I could call him sometime. I am getting to the point where I am just not shy about asking anymore, I do it so often. He blushed a bit and did said, "Oh sure, let me go get you my card." He ran off and got his card, at first I thought it was just going to have his work info on it, but written on the back was, "Anytime James...." and his cell number.

I called him the next day which fell on a Friday, and asked him if he had any plans. I wanted to go out on a dinner date to some new restuarant in town. He said he didn't have plans and would love to go out with me. We set the time and met at the restaurant. OMG he looked so HOT! He was wearing this white shirt and light colored jeans, black shoes and belt. He smelled terrific as well. I am a sucker for that good cologne, gets me every time. We went inside, he held the door open for me and we were seated in a booth with a bit of privacy. I was suprised that this restaurant had booths, I like that....it always leaves the option for fondling in play. We sat next to each other, and ordered some drinks. I ordered a Great Wall of Peach, which is peach vodka, genadine....and something else, I forget. Anyways, it was good and strong and I started to catch a little buzz. He ordered a dark beer and as we talked the conversation was really great. He told me all about his studies and his ambitions, he also said he volunteered at a camp for disabled children. I thought that was really sweet. I started to wonder if he was too goody two shoes for a quick fuck session, but I went for it anyways. I reached under the table and slid my hand up his thigh. He smiled and looked a little embarrassed, but I didn't care. I wanted to fuck James and I wanted to feel what he was working with..(story continued in members area.)


05-11-13: Hey there. I wanted to write in my dirty diary and tell you all about a naughty dominatrix experience I had last night. You see my hubby let's me play with others, so I took advantage of it and invited a submissive younger guy over last night. He has written to me a bunch of times, and I've seen many pictures of him. He also expressed how he liked to be dominated, so that excited me as well. His name is David and he is 24 years old, a bigger guy...not the type you would think would like to be dominated and treated like a little sissy slut. Anyways, I got all dressed up in my black latex outfit, equipped with tall black stilleto boots, stockings- a tight black shiny corset and black rubber gloves. I slicked my hair back and put on some red lipstick. I got out my strap-on and some anal toys, I lined them up along the bedside.

When David arrived I led him into the bedroom and told him to undress. He was naked and I blindfolded him and told him to bend over the side of the bed. I then got out my wooden paddle with holes in it and began to spank his ass. Then I put a ball gag on him to make him be quiet as I spanked his ass. I said, "You like that don't you ....you little sissy..taking my spankings turns you on doesn't it". He tried to answer me with a muffled voice...(story continued in members area.) xxx Desirae

10-29-19: Well hello there! I have a live show tomorrow at 12:30pm EST, cum chat with me live. I am also adding a new video tonight for ya. Here is the story: I found this tape in a box in the closet. It was a video I made while I was still married to Eric. I went on a date like a naughty cheating wife should, and I set up the camera by the front door. When we got there, we barely made it through the front door before grabbing each other passionately. I loved feeling his hard cock through his jeans. We made our way over to my couch and proceeded to make-out even more, then he went down on me. OMG!! He made me cum three times this way, fingering me all the while. I couldn't wait to feel his hard cock in my pussy…I put on a really dirty porn video for us to watch together. I was just yearning to fuck him so much! We fucked on the couch and he gave me a nice juicy wet creampie….hope you enjoy the video. xxx Desirae

04-10-13: Wow what a terrific month it has been so far! Crazy, but fun as hell! First of all I wanted to let you know that I did get married recently. I will be posting some sexy pictures of me in my wedding dress. We got married in Vegas and it was a BLAST! I can't wait to share some of the photos with you. Also, while we were out there something really exciting happened. It all started when I lost my white sheer top in one of the rooms we were staying in. We requested a better view, so ended up moving rooms and I must have just left it behind. I thought it was gone for good, but housekeeping found it and had it stored downstairs in the lost and found. We went down to retrieve it and while we were standing there waiting for security to open the door up for us, we saw this somewhat drunken guy sitting on a chair near the security area. My husband asked him why he was there and he said, " I called a whore to my room...I just asked her for a massage." I mentioned to him that there was a spa next door, and both of them looked at me like I was crazy, lol. Anyways, turns out that the escort or whore as he put it threatened to call the cops and tell them that he raped them if he didn't pay $500.oo!! His friend was video taping the entire event on his phone so the guy was let go and nothing happened to him.

This gave us an idea. Why not call an ad and just see what naughty things we could get up to. We started lookig through the ads and low and behold we found MY picture on one of them. Obviously, someone had stolen in and was posing as me, so we decided to call that one just to see who showed up. About one hour later a young blonde showed up at the door. We invited her in and then started asking her questions. We even showed her the ad and told her that it wasn't her- that obviously it was me. She said, "This is my first time doing this, they just gave me the address and sent me out." We believed her and decided to play with this young beautiful escort for the night. I know that Justin was very excited about this idea. He loves threesomes with other women. ..(join now for my daily video journal) xxx Desirae

09-27-19: Hey guys, I am adding a new video tonight. It is a quickie shower video. My next video after that is of me with a member of my site. I really think you are going to enjoy that one very much!! Here is a little video I made for you today. Hope you have a great night! xxx Desirae
09-07-19: Last night I got an email from one of my members. He was very enticing, so we decided to skype each other. I was so hot and horny watching him touch his cock for me. I love doing this, especially late at night...always gives me sweet dreams. This am I woke up a little later than usual, hopped in the shower and used my massaging showerhead ;) Love that! Today I have a lot of running around to do. I also met a local guy that I can't wait to meet up with. I am looking for new guys to be on my site with me, so if you are interested- shoot me an email to my personal email address. Just click on Contact in my members area and we can go from there. I just like to chat a bit, possibly skype...see a few pictures etc. Hope you have an awesome day! Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! I have a HOT date and can't wait to pick out something sexy to wear. Sometimes I change like 4 or 5 times til I feel I am ready, lol. Anyways, have a good one & chat with you soon sweetie. xxx Desirae

08-17-19: Last night went really well...so I thought I would sit down and write about it in my dirty diary today. Mark picked me up at around 7:30, I decided on the little black dress with black lace panties and a black bra. No stockings, just high heels this time. ;) I took my time getting all fancied up for him. Wore some pretty jewelry and sprayed some of my favorite perfume all over my body...anyways, we headed out to dinner and I had to notice how clean he kept his car, very nice very nice! I like that, plus he smelled terrific and as you probably know I am a sucker for good cologne.

The restaurant was a fancy italian place. The waitor actually put the napkin on my lap for me, lol....he did it before I even had a chance to do it. I ordered some red wine, then changed my mind and decided to have an apple martini. He ordered a gin and tonic. We got to talking, at first we were struggling for words but after a few sips from our drinks we were good to go (liquid courage I guess). We talked about all sorts of things, from what we like to do in our spare time right down to some naughty things that we have done sexually. I told him that one time I had sex standing up in an elevator near the beach. He told me that one time he had to pull out his cock on a dare and set it on the table. I have to say when he told me that I got wet because I had already seen a picture of his cock, but the sound of it just being large enough to put on the table turned me on.

We reached under the table and were holding hands at first, laughing, having a great time. When dinner was over we drove back to my place and I invited him in for dessert. I didn't really have any dessert lol, it just sounded good. I didn't think it would take much to get him inside at that point anyhow. I laughed at myself a little bit when I said it. ...(the rest of the entry is in the members area- join now!)

08-16-19: Well I can't decide what to wear for my date tonight. It is between a green short dress, or a black one. hmmmm....decisions decisions, and then there comes the shoes! oh boy! I am totally excited to meet Mark, we met online and he looks scrumptious to say the least. He is a paramedic, I love that. Hopefully I will be down on the bed and he will kiss me. We are going out to dinner at a nice steak house. I haven't been out to a steak house in a while, been eating mostly chicken and veggies. I also have to decide on a pair of panties. I think I am going with some black lacey ones....(the rest of the entry is in the members area- join now!)


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07-15-19: Well my live show yesterday went very well. I wore a skimpy little body stocking with no panties. I stripped down for you, exposing my hard pink nipples and well rounded ass. I just love getting you off, especially live! Today I am working on my site & preparing a new video. In case you missed it- it was of me giving head and getting a MASSIVE facial in my sexy little hooker dress. I crave cum and just can't seem to get enough of it. I hope you cum inside & visit with me soon! Have a great rest of your week. Chat with ya soon! OH and I almost forgot! I got my hair cut today, feels really soft and good...anyways here are a couple pics from today. xxx Desirae


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06-07-19: Hey guys, hope your week is starting out well. I just got back from the gym. I had a little snack and now I am hard at work. I am adding over 100 new videos to the site today. Well, hopefully I can get them all loaded up. It takes a little bit of time. I met a sexy new guy online and can't wait to make a new video with him. Here is a video I am posting today. It is an anal sex video I really think you will enjoy. I LOVE anal sex, it gets me off hard. I love to cum over and over again on a guys cock until he fills me up with hot cum. I am doing private one on one live chats now. I have it set up so we can see each other as well. Just send me an email and we can set up a time. Chat with ya soon! xxx Desirae


06-04-19: Firtst off...HAPPY NEW YEAR! I brought in the new year with a bang! only wish it were a gang bang lol. no seriously, we had some great fun on New Years. I went out with Justin and we met up with a HOT couple for some naughty sex. We met them online and all met up at a local club. I wore a sexy silver dress with tall heels and no panties...I will write more about our sexy evening in my members area. I just added a new video of me and Mariah having naughty girl girl fun with a strap-on. That is just part 1. In the next one I fuck her with the strap-on.....it is unedited amateur porn at it's finest, you're going to love it. Here is a little picture and sample of what's inside:

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I hope you join me inside. I have a live cam and love to do one-on-one shows. We just have to schedule a time. xxx Desirae

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05-19-19: I found this hot fetish video I made before my last cam show & thought I would post it tonight. I wore black shiny latex from head to toe. My boots were stilettos with a silver spike heel. I also wore some fencenet stockings and pulled my hair back in a pony tail. I had Vince come over and I tied him to a chair and ball gagged him. I wrapped a black studded strap around his cock and balls and began to tease him with my hands. I rubbed my slippery gloves all over his cock, making him moan. Then I talked dirty to him....I told him he had been a very naughty boy and that it was time for his daily milking. He was my stud for the milking baby....and I loved being dominant over him...(read the rest of the story- Join Now!) xxx Desirae

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05-17-19: Well well well....my son's friend is HOT! I wonder if I can seduce him like I did Bobby? What do you think? hmmm.....horny college guy...sexy milf in lingerie waiting for him in the bedroom when my son leaves. What do you think may happen? I already asked him if he had a girlfriend, and my son was laughing at me. I HAVE to go get my shopping done today. I am dressed in black, looking sexy. Maybe I will bend over and give a couple guys a show near the dressing room. Once while I was in the dressing room, I noticed a married man sitting towards the entrance & I purposely came out in a tiny black dress with no bra or panties. I just wanted to see his reaction. He acted a little shy, but I got a big smile out of him. hehe.....love being naughty like that. Last night's show ...(read the rest of the story- join now) xxx Desirae


05-14-19: My son is coming home for break and he is bringing a few of his friends with him. I know what happened the last time he brought Bobby home. In case you forgot, let me refresh your memory. He heard me masturbating in the other room and came to check it out, he though maybe something was wrong. I got him into the bedroom and seduced him in my sexy lingerie. I hope my son's friends are cute. I haven't met them yet. I love being a naughty slut, I just can't seem to get enough sex! I guess you could say I am a bit of a nympho at heart.

Today I have to do some Christmas shopping. I want to get something special for..... (read the rest of the story- join now) xxx Desirae

05-10-19: I am back home from Miami, unpacking my suitcase seems to be taking forever! aaaah! Tonight one of my younger boy toys is coming over to watch a video or two with me. Justin is out of town, so I figured it be a good time for him to come on over again. (If you’re reading this sexy, I loved our last suck n fuck session.-I love the curve of your cock baby)

I am wearing a black dress. It is sheer, no bra with black silky thong panties on.  I am wearing high heel black boots with it, so my knees and part of my upper thigh are showing…oh shoot! he’s here! I gotta run, but I will write all about it in my dirty diary for you like always......

So, I am going to tell you what happened when my boy toy Jason came over the other night. I was listening to Terence Trent D'arby, chilling out unpacking my suitcase. He texted me and let me know he was on his way. I got wet right away and decided to take a hot shower before he came over. I got in the shower and was really horny, I have this showerhead attachment that looked mighty appetizing, but I wanted to save all my orgasms for him...so I refrained. I shaved my pussy nice and smooth along with my long legs. Then I put on some oil after the shower that makes my skin super soft and then I dried off. I took my time doing my make-up , I pulled my hair back into a slick pony tail. I put on my sexy black dress and some lace yellow panties. I knew they'd be coming off shortly, but I still wanted him to see them.

I went into the kitchen and unwrapped the food I had ordered for us. He arrived, looking and smelling sexy as hell. I had my lighting all set up and we had a nice dinner together. He told me all about his day & I told him about the Heat games I had gone to. We headed back to the bedroom and I sprawled out waiting for him to join me. We laid together and started kissing passionately. His hand slid down to my lace panties and my hand to his hard cock. Our kissing got even more intense. I stood up and stripped down for him by the side of the bed....watching his eyes fall all over my body.

I pulled down his pants and asked him to stand up by the side of the bed. He did so and I laid down on my back so that... (read the rest of the story- join now) xxx Desirae

05-5-19: I met a sexy couple online a little while back and ended up heading over to their place for a hot threesome with her husband....Here is how it all started out:

Me and Nikki(the wife) were emailing each other constantly, trying to plan the perfect suprise for her husband Jake. His birthday was coming up and she really wanted to give him something special. She planned on getting a limo and have me inside as a present when we picked him up. I have never been a present before, but was flattered by the idea. Turns out he knew about my site and told his wife he thought I was pretty. =) She said she thought I was pretty as well.

I had seen a few photos of Nikki and her hubby online. I had been admiring them for weeks =) She is a hot blonde, 5'4 tight little body and perky size B boobies. She reminds me of Shakira or a Pam Anderson, that pouty lip....sexy bedroom eye appeal to her. As for her hubby Jake, well just let me say this, "YUM!" He is in great shape, a bigger guy with lots of muscles. He has longish sort of wavy brown hair and abs to die for. How could I refuse to come down and have a threesome with these two!

Anyways, we kept emailing back and forth for a few weeks. She was a very good planner, something I was very impressed with. She planned for us to pick him up in the limo and go to a strip club, but before we went to the strip club she wanted us to have some fun inside of the limo before hand. I was all for this. I was a little nervous I must admit, I have never really done anything like this before. I mean, I have been with another couple, but I knew them extremely well.....this was a bit of unfamiliar territory for me. I must say I was totally excited by the thrill of it. I was also shocked that Justin had agreed to let me go. His one stipulation was that when things got passionate that I call him on the cell phone to let him listen in. It is one of his biggest fantasies.... (read the rest of the story- join now) xxx Desirae


04-23-19: Hey there, went out with Justin last night and got our turkey on! Yum! Ate with some friends and then decided to go to a local club afterwards and continue to party a bit. I was drinking chocolate martinis and they were oh so delicious! I was a little tipsy, but feeling so damn energized and ready for action. At the club I felt like dancing, before I knew it there was this hot blonde bumping and grinding up against us. She was pressing her DD's up against me and I knew it was turning Justin on. I started to grind with her on the dance floor in front of everybody. I reached up and grabbed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear. I asked her if she was alone. She said she was there with her husband, but that they were swingers. My pussy got so wet when she told me that. I knew it was going to an extra special thanksgiving! lol. We all took a taxi back to their place and turned the music up loud. We continued to drink and dance. She led me into her room and into the closet and showed me all these sexy little bikinis and outfits. We decided to put some on and come out in them to suprise our men. It was so fun dancing in the closet, we were practicing our little stripper moves out. Trying to get one ass cheek to bounch independent from the other, it was funny and sexy all at once.... (read the rest of the story- join now) xxx Desirae

04-15-19: It has been a super long time since I have talked with my ex boyfriend Jason. Hubby has been out of town on business for the past week & I was getting super restless. So, I decided to go online and shoot him an email and see how he was doing. He happened to be online which was terrific and we started instant messaging each other like crazy. He told me about his current girlfriend and how they are having issues and he would really just like to get out of there for a while. I decided to just go for it and invite him to lunch. I didn't want Eric to know about it though because, well....I guess I just wanted it to be even more naughty and exciting.

We met up at a local restaurant overlooking the water. I got there first and was sitting down when I saw him walking in. Wow, did he ever look yummy to me. He is a tall one and always dresses really cool. He had on a button down shirt. I decided to wear a short black skirt and a white sweater type shirt which shows off my cleavage. He always loved it when I wore shirts like this. I also wore some sexy black high heel sandals, with an open toe. Underneath I wore something extra special for Jason. You see he is totally into vinyl type fetish lingerie. So I wore this outfit I got from Fredericks, it is this black leather, shiny teddy with mesh on it. It is hard to describe, but I can tell you it is a thong in the back which I knew would make him get extra hard for me.

At first when we sat down, he seemed sorta stiff. I could tell he was worried what his girlfriend was going to think if she found out about us meeting up. I assured him that she would never know.....then I bought him a beer. That always works! lol..( story continued in members area ) xxx Desirae

04-07-19: For a long time my husband has wanted me to be with this 21 yr old guy named Chad. We have talked on the computer quite a bit and even done the web cam thing a few times. Finally, hubby agreed to let me go over to his house for a little fun and romance. I was really excited because I have seen pictures of Chad's cock and I must say it is quite large and appealing. I am glad he sent over naughty pictures like that because I love knowing what a guys' cock looks like before I meet him. We set a date and I could barely wait! I took forever trying to pick out what I was going to wear. I decided on a very short black mini dress with a low cut back & high heels. I took a nice hot shower, shaving just right.....preparing myself for Chad. After my shower, I rubbed sweet smelling lotion all over my body and put on some of my favorite perfume. I put the perfume between my tits and on my wrists. I was hoping he would soon be touching my breasts.

I drove over to his house and became a little nervous. I was nervous out of excitement mostly. I always get nervous a bit when I am going to meet a new guy for sex, that is half the fun of it. I arrived at his house around 8ish....and we decided to go have some appetizers at a local club & possibly a few drinks. He looked so handsome when he answered the door. He was wearing a nice shirt and jeans....I love that, oh and I forgot to mention his cologne drove me wild! We held hands and walked to the car. I thought that was really sweet.

On the drive over there I just couldn't help myself, I had to lean across the car and just smell his neck......then I kissed it softly. I told him, "This is going to be fun, but I just can't wait til we get to go back to your place." At that, the car abrupty stopped and we did a uturn back to his place. I was just so damn horny and didn't want to waste any time, lol. I guess I am a little slut at heart and get so eager when I know I am going to have a new cock inside of me.

We arrived back at his place and went inside. He had the room lit very nicely, not too bright....but enough to still see very well. I love a nicely lit room it just enhances the mood for me. We sat down on the couch and he asked me if I would like anything to drink. He said he only had beer, so beer it was. I guess when you are 21 you don't have a very extensive wine collection. I was drinking my beer and we chatted for a while. He asked me about some of my interests and what I liked to do. We were getting along really well and the sparks were flying between us. Our eyes were connecting and each time they did I felt my panties getting moist. I was getting tingly sensations in my clit just sitting there talking with him......( story continued in members area ) xxx Desirae

04-01-19: Hi guys, I hope you had a great Halloween. I just posted a new video of me wearing a naughty corrections officer costume. I just LOVE wearing sexy costumes for you! Today I posted 21 new naughty stories in my members forum. You can click this link to view them: http://www.naughtyathome.com/Members/forum/viewforum.php?f=3

I love writing naughty stories about all of my sexy experiences. Some of them are longer than others, everything from cheating wife stories, bisexual adventures, masturbation, and foursomes. I love to write so be sure to share any stories you have with me as well. I really get hot reading them! Today I am filming a new video for ya. It is going to be a suprise....I know you're going to love it. Hope your day is treating you right and that all good things happen for you today. xxx Desirae

03-30-19: Hey boys! Today is a long day of shooting new content. I invited Justin over for a little sexy time. We are going to be shooting a nasty anal video today. I just LOVE anal sex...feels so damn good. His cock is thick though, so we are going to have to ease into it ;) I hope he gives me an anal creampie today. I've been playing around with pinterest lately, it is really fun. You get to pick out all of your favorite things and share them with the world. http://pinterest.com/desiraespencer/. I started a new one about best MILFs on the web. If you have some you'd like to share with me let me know. I love other HOT milfs like me...xxx Desirae

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03-26-2019: Well hello there sexy!! I just got done doing my live show today! It was so awesome! Before I did my live show I went to the costume shop and tried on I think three different costumes, and bought this corrections officer one which I wore today. I am heading back there to buy some more costumes! I will post a pic of me wearing it shortly, they are still in the camera. Anyways, I invited Jason over today for a little live show sexy time action. I got warmed up by talking dirty to you and playing with my hard pink nipples. Then I got out my little pink pocket rocket, and after doing a slutty little strip tease leaving on just my black stilleto boots...I began to play with myself. I got so HOT! I could barely wait for Jason to hurry up and get here. Once he did I quickly got down on my knees for some of his thick hard cock. I couldn't wait to taste his precum and devour him with my mouth. I licked his balls and slid my hand up and down the shaft of his hard rod & then I stripped all the way down and rode him reverse cowgirl. His dick hit me so deep, so very deep! I was moaning and cumming all over him. Then he bent me over the side of the couch and started to pound me even deeper. I was so loud, I am sure the neighbors must have heard this one! lol. He grabbed me by the hair and was driving his ...(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae

03-17-2019: Hey guys! I have a live show today at 1:30pm EST. I hope you can make it. Last night Justin stayed over, which is more like every night now :) We are getting super close, and the swinging with him is just heaven. We have such a blast! I was so horny, I couldn't wait to get into bed. We started kissing and I talked dirty to him about how I wanted him to fuck my ass. We 69'd for a little bit making me writhe around like crazy, cumming all over him. Then I flipped over and he slid his thick hard dick into my ass. He fucked me slow and deep at first and then harder, making me cum again. Like I always say, "I think I have a clit in my ass" lol. I absolutely LOVE anal sex. Friday night we have a sexy date with a couple and I am going shopping for some sexy shoes to go with this skimpy black dress I bought. It has some red on it, so I am thinking of some red stilletos. I am going to buy Justin some new cologne as well. He always smells so good...just love it. I really am a sucker for good cologne. I downloaded a new horoscope app for my phone and I love it. It is weird how close those things get sometimes, lol. I am not exactly sure what I am going to wear for the live show today, any ideas? Just send me an email if you would like to see me wearing a certain type of outfit. I also added a new sex forum to my members area. It is a place where I can answer questions and talk about all sorts of dirty little things. Everything from getting your wife to have anal sex to getting her to swing. I just started it, so I am really excited when I get a post. You have to be a member to post, here is the link....(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae

Here are some pics of me playing with my ass :)

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10-04-2019: Hi boys! I am trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween....any ideas? I am planning on going out that night, so I want something super sexy. Today has been a busy day. Last night I was up late having all nighter sex with one of my boy toys. My hubby was ok with it. He just wanted to listen on the phone. Pretty kinky right? I came 8 times! Yes, 8 times....I was exhausted this morning. I had some coffee and listened to some music on my phone...(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae
10-01-2019: Hey guys! Boy did you miss a good show yesterday. I was on my livecam for about 3 hours chatting and sucking cock. Justin went down on me and made me cum so loud, I think the gardner got a good show. lol. I love chatting on my live cam, so I hope you can make it next time. I wanted to finish my story of when me and Justin went to the swingers club a few weekends ago. It was slutty school girl night, so I wore this little foreign exchange student costume and was feeling HOT! We got there and it was mayhem...it was a little late so the party was well on the way. There were people fucking around everywhere. We walked all around the club and saw all the fetish rooms and finally found a lounge to get a drink and chill out. It wasn't long before we started chatting with another hot couple. ..(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae

09-09-2019: Hey sexy guys! I'm adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the "Lost Tapes" I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher fixed was talking about buying a new one. Plus he has been frustrating me sexually lately, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the local hardware/appliance shop and find me a handyman ;) I met this really sexy guy. He has a full sleave of tattoos on one arm, but was super ass sexy and cute. It did cross my mind that maybe he just got out of jail....but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he was cool as hell. I flirted with him and told him the issue I was having with my washer & he offerred to come over to take a look at it. I found out he was married too, so we were going to have to keep this a secret. When he showed up I had the camera all set up and he was taken back by it at first. He thought there was some sort of plot going on or something. I reassured him that nobody would see his face and that his wife would never find out...(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae

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09-09-2019: Hey sexy guys! I'm adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the "Lost Tapes" I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher fixed was talking about buying a new one. Plus he has been frustrating me sexually lately, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the local hardware/appliance shop and find me a handyman ;) I met this really sexy guy. He has a full sleave of tattoos on one arm, but was super ass sexy and cute. It did cross my mind that maybe he just got out of jail....but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he was cool as hell. I flirted with him and told him the issue I was having with my washer & he offerred to come over to take a look at it. I found out he was married too, so we were going to have to keep this a secret. When he showed up I had the camera all set up and he was taken back by it at first. He thought there was some sort of plot going on or something. I reassured him that nobody would see his face and that his wife would never find out...(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae


09-04-2019: I met this sexy new guy named Troy and invited him over for one of my live sex shows. I pulled off his pants and toyed with his hard cock through his underwear. Licking and squeezing, driving him nuts. Then I pulled out his thick member and began to suck on his thick rock hard dick. He tasted so damn good! yummy. I decided I wanted to fuck that big dick so I slid a cock ring on him and gave him the two hand twist jack off for a while and then hopped on board for a ride. I rode him reverse cowgirl and came so loud and hard, I was worried that the neighbors could hear me, lol. I pulled his cock out and sucked my pussy juices from his shaft, then I jerked him off in my face and licked up all of his cum. I just love new lovers, they are so eager to please and have suck explosive cock loads for me...(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desiraexxx Desirae


08-24-2019: Oh boy, i've been a naughty little slut lately....I was in need of a spanking in my last live show video. I am loading it today, but here are some sneak peeks at the cam grabs from the video. I invited Justin over to play in the middle of the afternoon. I put a cock ring on him and licked his balls. Then I sucked on his nice thick cock, even letting him deep throat me over the side of the bed. I jumped on top of him to ride that thick member and oh did he ever hit me deep! I just LOVE his cock so much. I love knowing you are watching me get off, it is such a HUGE turn on. I will put the sample from the vid up shortly. Today I am heading to the gym....then doing a live show at 2:30pm EST. I hope you can make it. I don't know what is in store for today, but I am sure we will have a good time. My puppy is recovering from her attack at the dog park last week. I am so mad that people bring violent dogs to a dog park. geez! I am really a bit sore from working out. One of my lovers spent the night last night and he gave me a complete rub down and then ate my pussy...bringing me into an amazing orgasm. Then he fucked me hard and we did dp with a dildo. He filled up my pussy with cum and after cleaning up I was done! I mean I just hit the pillow and was out cold. Thanks Mark, love ya baby!(the rest of the story is in the members area…)


I also added a new classic of the week to the site which I think you will enjoy: Here is the story that goes along with the video-

My husband was having a terrible day at work. He called me and I could just hear it in his voice. I told him to come home for his lunch break, that I had some things I would like to talk with him about. My whole objective was to get him home so that I could give him a nice blow job to cheer him up. I know that is always an easy fix for a bad day at work.

I decided to get all dolled up for him as well. I had just purchased some designer stockings, they are the really sheer kind with a seam going up the back. I know how much he loves those. I also put on a sexy pink bustier and wore all of this underneath my clothes. I wanted to do a little strip tease for him once he arrived.

When he came through the door, I could tell he was super bummed out. I couldn't wait to give him him a little pick me up. I told him to sit down that I wanted to tell him something. He sat down and that is when I started my little stripping routine. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and make him feel better. I was really anxious to get his pants off and get his hard cock into my mouth.

This was a long blowjob movie =) he really wanted me to go slow and take my time. So, I just took my time, I even gave him a little titty job in between. I love to put my hard pink nipples up against the head of his cock. I rub it back and forth....all around in little circles. Then I slide his cock into my mouth again. When it was time for him to cum, I was so excited to see how big his load was going to be. My husband has HUGE cum loads, and it has been a while since I had sucked his cock for this long.....I figured it was going to be the mother load. Well, I was right! It shot all over my face, some streaming into my eye and most of his going right into my mouth.

Yummy, I just love pleasing a man this way.(the rest of the story is in the members area…)

xxx Desirae


08-15-2019: Hey guys, I had to reschedule my live cam show to Friday 17th @ 2:30pm. My dog got attacked by another dog and I had to rush her to the vet. :( On a brighter note, I went on a great date last night with the dentist I told you about before. We ended up back at my place and I pulled out my ball gag and some other kinky toys. He likes the fetish kinky stuff, so we always have a good time. He spanked me over his lap for a while with the ball gag in my mouth. Then rubbed his stiff cock all over my face while I licked his balls. I got my turn though, I have this whip, it is like a riding whip with a long handle on it. It is made of leather and oh boy does it ever give a good spanking let me tell ya. I whipped his sexy ass a few times, then got down on my knees and kissed it all better. I told him what a naughty boy he had been, talking nasty to him while I sucked his cock. He flipped me over and pulled off my panties and asked me if I was ready for some cock. I got so wet when he said this, I love dirty talk so much...We fucked for an hour straight. 69, doggy, missionary with my legs over his shoulders...you name it we did it. Then he came in my pussy and I made him go down and lick it out. Dirty huh? just the way I like it. I added some videos to the site today. Here are some pictures from those videos. xxx Desirae(the rest of the story is in the members area…)


08-07-2019: I have a live show today. I am really excited and hope you can join me. My cam has audio and chat in the members area as you know. The other night I went on a HOT date with Joey, my boy toy. He took me out to Mortons steak house. We had the best dinner and then headed back to his house for some dessert ;) Dessert meaning some nasty sex! I managed to snap off a few pictures before and then one of me giving him head, but we did much more than that. I just love his young cock, and that stamina! wow...puts me right to sleep let me tell ya! I just love sharing my naughty adventures with you this way. Here are a few pictures:....(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae

08-01-2019: I've been super busy lately. Making lots of new HOT videos and pictures mostly, also upgraded my server for faster speed and using my new mac for videos. It is so awesome, I am loving it! I did a live show the other day. I was getting ready, putting on my make-up and doing my hair when Justin called. He asked if he could come over for the show & I of course said, "YES!" I just love Justin's cock and he fucks me so well...I cum harder than ever with him. He eats my pussy like he owns it. lol. Anyways, I finished getting ready and decided to wear a slutty little school girl outfit for him. I wore some cuban styled back seamed stockings as well for my stocking lovers, plus you just can't wear a school girl outfit without sexy stockings in my opinion. I started the live cam and was horny as hell...my pussy was so wet, I started pulling off my clothes so I could touch myself. I also got out one of my favorite vibrating dildos. I think it is called the dolphin. The second that vibrator hit my clit it sent me through the roof with pleasure. I was so excited over Justin coming over I couldn't help it. I started working the toy in and out of my pussy, all the while pressing the vibrator part against my clit. I came loudly and my body was shaking, but I still wanted more. Justin arrived and he got on the bed with me. I pulled out his stiff shaft and started to lick his balls. I love playing with a guy's balls while I jack him off, so very hot. I was bent over him and he was grabbing my ass while I sucked and jerked his dick. Then he went down on me while I could still reach his cock. I love this so much, he worked the toy in and out of my pussy while licking my clit bringing me to yet another amazing orgrasm.

My pussy was so ready for his cock, literally dripping wet. Sometimes I squirt and leave a big wet spot on the bed. I think it is time for a new comforter and some new sheets. As you probably noticed I didn't put new ones on my bed yet. lol. I hopped on top of Justin's cock reverse cowgirl style, which I really love because it hits me so deep and hard. I rode him like a pony, bucking my hips back and forth...touching my clit working myself up into a frenzy. Then I turned around and rode him while we kissed deeply. I really love kissing Justin while we fuck, it is so erotic and sensual. When it came time for him to blow his cum load, I got down on the bed and put my head back. He shot his cum literally over my head the first time and then again right in my eye. I said, "Look, i'm one eyed willy!" lmao. It was a great fuck session. I can't wait for the next one.....(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae


07-25-2019: I just got back from a wild and wet trip to the Bahamas on a cruise ship. I had the BEST time ever and some much needed relaxation. The first night we were there we met another swinger couple in the casino. Like I said, I think we both have a swinger stamp on our foreheads, lol. Anyways, we met a sexy ass couple and decided to play a bit in our room. We headed back to our room and waited for them to arrive. He was sexy as hell and so was she, I just love swinging with Justin because the girls always love him and get off hard on his thick big cock. They came in and we had some cocktails all made up for them. We sat on the couch for a while talking and flirting, then the fun began. I went to the bed with Jacob and began to kiss and make out with him, while Justin and Kim did the same on the couch. I couldn't wait to get his cock out because I could feel how big and hard he was through his pants while we were kissing. He lifted off my top and started to suck on my nipples, sending my pussy into a state of ultimate wetness. He reached down underneath my panties and felt my wet pussy as I grabbed his cock through his pants. I undid his belt and had him lie back on the bed. I proceeded to put the head of his thick cock into my hot mouth. I could hear Kim moaning a bit as Justin was going down on her already. He is the best at it and it turned me on that I knew she was getting off hard...(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae


07-10-2019: I just got back from a wedding today. I wore a purple dress with some black heels. I will post a few snapshots of what I was wearing here in my diary. Anyways, the juicy part is that I went with my favorite lover Justin & we ended up meeting another couple while we were there. I think we have "Swingers" tattooed on our foreheads sometimes, because we always seem to run into other swingers when we are out and about. Tim and Jenny were also friends of the groom, and we ended up at the same table as them. We all hit it off right away. Tim is a sexy guy tall dark and handsome, and Jenny is a beautiful half asian brunette that I knew Justin would go wild over. We stayed for a while and went to the after party at the hotel. Then we all decided to head back to my place for a little one on one time...(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae


07-03-2019: Hey there. Today I did a live show at 11:30 am EST. At first I was just chatting, but my lover came over and we ended up have sex live on cam. My dog jumped up on the bed and I had to lock her out of the room. Sometimes I think about strapping a camera to her head and getting some of the views she gets, lol. Anyways, He came into the bedroom and started to spank me. I told him what a naughty milf I had been and that I needed some discipline. Then I took off my blue dress and proceeded to kiss him...deep sexy kisses. I went down and pulled out his hard cock and instantly got wet. I was so damn horny!! I sucked on his thick shaft all the way down to his balls. I even licked his ass a little bit along with his shaved balls. He deepthroated and fucked my mouth for a while and then I hopped on for an orgasmic ride. I love how deep his cock hits me...(the rest of the story is in the members area…) If you are not a member- click here to join xxx Desirae

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